Aug 03

10 Minute Trainer Review – Who Is It For?

Tony Horton is one of the leading creators of home workout programs and has built up quite s reputation. He has created many fitness courses and programs including the famous P90X and Power90 fitness programs, as well as the 10 Minute Trainer.

The 10 minute trainer is a workout program that is intended that you can get results by working out for 10 minutes a day. It designed for busy people from any walk of life including professionals, working mums etc., and can’t make time for 45 minutes or more that the majority home fitness courses need. This program includes a number of efficient body moves to give a workout in 10 minutes.

It is certainly a wonderful idea. Just about everybody should be able find 10 minutes in their busy schedule to improve their fitness level. But does the program live up to this promise?

The name of Tony Horton on this DVD brings with a certain level of expectation that it will deliver. There are not many home fitness programs from top trainers available on the market. So the question is can Tony Horton really get you fit in just 10 minutes a day?


RRP: $89.85
Number of DVDs: 2
Body Areas: Total body workout
Instructor: Tony Horton

The Pros

Efficient: These days with our busy schedules filled with work and/or running around after families, the thought of fitting in a few hours fitness training sounds like a bad joke. By having a series of ten minute exercise programs you can incorporate exercise into your life. It includes exercising with resistance bands and uses a technique called Super Stacking where you focus on whole body and core rather than on individual muscle groups. It is an intense workout that will leave you out of breath and feeling pumped up. There is a choice of 10 minute workout programs that include whole body, cardio, lower body and yoga to give you an intense workout.

Tailored: A major strength of this program is that it can be changed around for your own circumstances. You adjust it based on your own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, you can use many of the yoga stretches included on the DVD as part of your warm up and cool down programs.

Doing the full workouts can challenging and intense. There are changes that can be made that are demonstrated by Tony to make them less demanding. In this way you can work your way up to the full workout as you become fitter. These are an important part of this workout program, because many people buying this program may not be in the best physical shape.

Supporting Materials: There is additional material included in this program over and above a set of DVDs. You get a cardio belt, a resistance band, workout cards, a workout calendar and a diet plan. The cardio belt and resistance band play an important part in the 10 minute workouts. You don’t have to use them straightaway and you can work your way up to them.

The workout cards are a good idea. You can take them with you and use them when you are away from home, or don’t have the DVDs with you, to be able still do your 10 minute exercises. The workout calendar is similar to what you get with many home fitness programs.

The ten minute diet plan is very useful. It is not a full blown guide, but it gives you some great tips and ideas on healthy eating and some easy to prepare meals that will be a key part of getting and staying fit.

The Cons

Who is it for? You would think this product would be ideal for anyone who wants to get started in home fitness training and not had much experience. But many of the descriptions on how to do the exercises and moves are given out very quickly and hard to follow the first time round. You would have thought that taking a bit of extra time to describe the techniques and giving a proper demonstration would have been included to help the newbies find their feet.

Infomercials: When you’ve paid out your hard earned money on these home workout DVDs you wouldn’t expect to be greeted with infomercials at the end of the workout. This does take away from the product and has the effect of devaluing the product. It is an annoying part of the program. You would have thought Tony Horton wouldn’t need this level of advertising to sell his products. His name on its own can get products flying off the shelf.

Should You Buy The 10 Minute Trainer?

There is a big oversight in this home workout program. Many people who will be looking to make use of a 10 minute workout are people who probably haven’t been doing much if any fitness workouts recently. So it would be expected that the DVDs would clearly explain the moves and demonstrate them to help them get up to speed. But it doesn’t do this which is a flaw in the product. Also the advertisements included in the DVD and this does take something away from the overall product. They are annoying and not what you would expect with a quality product.

Despite all that I’ve just said the 10 Minute Trainer does produce results. You do need to be committed to the program to get results. You won’t get the results you’d see from a full workout program but you wouldn’t expect that from any 10 minutes a day program. But the results you do get are impressive considering it is from 10 minutes a day.