Aug 05

Body Rider Fan Bike Review Talk About The Price

The Body Rider Fan Bike is an affordable exercise bike that exercises both the upper and lower body that comes with a fan to help keep you cool while you exercise.  These types of bikes are becoming popular today because they provide the opportunity to get an all body workout that helps with your overall fitness.

It includes dual-action handlebars that work in conjunction with the pedals to work the legs and upper body to give a full body workout. And while you pedal away it powers a fan that provides a gentle breeze to keep you cool while you exercise. This bike is much lower priced than many of the big name bikes available on the market. Even though it is more affordably priced does it offer real value or is it just cheap?


RRP: $299

Dimensions: 45 by 23.2 by 45.6 inches
Maximum User Weight: 250 lbs
LCD Computer Display? Yes
Machine Weight: 47.3 lbs
Manufacturers Warranty: Limited warranty. Frame – 1 year. All parts – 90 days

The Pros

Lower & Upper Body Workout: The key benefit of this bike is the ability to work out both the lower and upper body to give a full body workout. This type of bike and approach to exercise often provides a quicker result than that provided by a standard exercise bike where you can only exercises the legs.

You can’t the handlebars in place if you just want to concentrate on exercising your legs, but they don’t get in the way when you do just want to focus on working out your legs. You can adjust the resistance of handlebars by twisting the tension knob which makes it easy to adjust while you are exercising. It would have been a good idea to have included the ability to fix the pedals or the handlebars in place so you could chose to just exercise one or the other of your upper or lower body. However, many more expensive machines in this category don’t have this option.

Fan: As you exercise you do get hotter as you get more into it. A breeze can be very welcome to help to keep you cool. This bike includes a fan to provide the breeze to help you to not get too hot.. It is powered by your exercising and its output increases and decreases as you speed up and slow down.

Its does not generate a lot of air movement but it does help to keep you cooler. The harder you exercise the stronger the breeze. So as you pedal harder the more breeze it generates, so get pedaling faster and you can have nice breeze to cool yourself off. I think this is a nice idea, so do quite a few other people who have used the bike.

Assembly: Most people find this bike easy to assemble. It can be done with just one person in a reasonable time frame, but having two people with make it a quicker and simpler task. There is no difficulty in putting the pieces together as they have been properly machined, which is a welcome surprise as you don’t always get this with bikes in this price range. This is a big plus as all you want to do when you the bike arrives is to get on it and try it out and not be frustrated by poor workmanship. Most people find the instructions easy to follow and well written.

 The Cons

Seat Comfort: Or should I say seat uncomfortable! Like many exercise bikes more expensive than it, the seat is very uncomfortable.  The manufacturers don’t make any claims as to how comfortable the seat is, just that it is adjustable. The seat has a hard rubber cover over a hard metal base so it does nothing at all to help your rear from getting sore.  However, because the bike is so affordably priced, it is possible to include the cost of a comfortable gel seat cover that can help with this and still be getting a low priced bike. Still, it would have been great if the manufacturer had spent some time on the comfort of the seat as this would really make a big difference to the overall experience.

Height Limits: The manufacturer says the seat is adjustable and can be adjusted to suit everyone, no matter their height. However, many users say this is not the case and if you are over 6 foot you might find it a bit cramped. If you have longer than average legs you are likely to  find this bike is not really right for you and you may find exercising uncomfortable and not at all satisfying. However, some customers have not experienced this problem, but there quite a few that have, so exercise some caution if you have long legs.

Should You Buy The Body Rider Fan Bike?

This is not the most comfortable bike or even the most technically advanced bike, and if that is what you are looking for than this bike is probably not for you.

The bike is designed to be an affordable bike for those who want a basic bike that will give a full body workout. It has an uncomfortable seat and tall people should look to buy a different bike. But, having said that, it is a very affordable bike that provides a lot of exercises for the price and if used correctly you will see some good fitness results, so it does deserve serious consideration for those not looking to spend a fortune.