Aug 10

Brazil Butt Lift Review Say You Notice A Difference In A Week

There is a lot of different choices these days in Home Workout Program DVDs. It can be difficult to decide which one is the best one for you. Ones that provide a workout for the total body are very popular. However, some women want to see specific results from their exercise program.

With Brazil Butt Lift DVD program you know exactly what benefits you are going to get. Your butt is going to be lifted!

This is an important area to many women who want to get in shape and look good. This a home fitness program that targets the butt and it is designed to tone, shape and lift the butt so you never have to ask the question “Does my bum look big in this?”

It brings together lower body toning exercises, core sculpting exercises and Brazilian dance to achieve this. But the question is will it deliver on the promise of a rear you’ve only dreamed of?


RRP: $72.80
Number of DVDs: 3
Body Areas: Butt
Instructor: Leandro Carvalho
Workout Length: 30 days
Extras: Resistance band,

The Pros

Workout Focus: This program stays very focused on its stated goal to help you lift your butt. There are some cardio and abs exercises included to tone and shape the body which help in overall fitness.

The presenter is Leandro Carvalho who is famous as the trainer of the stars and this adds credibility to the program. He uses his TriAngle training program to sculpt and tone your butt and along with burning fat to end up with a shapely rear end like one of the stars he trains.

Unlike some programs that give you a full body workout this program concentrates on your lower body. A resistance band is included and is well used in the workouts with the moves designed by Leandro. You know you have been working your “butt off” by feeling the burn in your buttock area. You definitely know which muscles you’ve been working out when you follow this program.

Energetic Fun: Leandro bring a certain flair and fun to this training program. Many women have mentioned how find his manner encouraging, motivating and fun. You can tell he is a dancer with the upbeat music and samba feel to his cardio exercises. It appears his personality and the fun and engaging workout programs result in you feeling great after you’ve finished. Making workouts fun is a great idea for those following them. It is always much easier to be dedicated to program when you find it fun. And like all exercise programs for them to be successful you need to dedicated and determined. If you find it fun as well it makes all seem so much easier.

Fast Results:  Our research around the web and looking at customer feedback show that this program gets results. But it is not some sort of magic pill. It is tough and challenging and some of the exercises are very difficult. But if you follow though on the program you should see the results you are after.

These results are a credit to the TriAngle techniques devised by Leandro to work the lower body. Most people find they are exercising muscles they didn’t know they had. The workouts are meant to be challenging for those who are already fit and push them to new levels. Therefore it doesn’t matter how fit you are you should see some benefits from the program. So those new to home fitness will be working muscles they haven’t exercised before and those who are more experienced will pushing themselves hard too for improved results and both will see  their butt being lifted by following through on the program.

The Cons

Explanations: This program focuses on a lower body workout and this is what it claims to be. It would appear it does a good job at toning and shaping the lower body from customer feedback. However, the explanations for some of the more involved moves and exercises are not fully explained, making it difficult to carry them out properly.

Some of the moves are pretty complicated as they are based in part on yoga and Pilates. You don’t get to see all of them demonstrated in enough detail to know the right positions and how to make the moves and exercises in the correct manner.

The DVD states that some of the moves can put some stress on the body. And because of this it would be great if they program included some adjustments to the exercises to make them easier for the persons new to them. This workout program is popular with novices in the home workout area and this lack of clear explanations and adjustments is something the creators should have included because of this.

Should You Buy The Brazil Butt Lift?

It certainly does what it says it will on the packet. It focuses on your butt. Leandro Carvalho has plenty of energy and is a great motivator with an infectious manner that is inspiring and encouraging.

The Brazil Butt Lift program is not a program for getting total fitness from home. And because of this it won’t be suitable for everyone. This workout is more likely to appeal to women than men even though it is not gender specific.  Also, if you are very fit and want an intense full body workout with full on cardio or heavy weight workouts than this is not the program for you.

Although this is a great program for those new to workout program they do need to exercise some caution. They should take their time and be sure to learn all the moves and exercises so they can perform them properly. But, don’t let this stoop you from checking it out. It is good to know how best to approach this program. It has proved to be a very successful program in toning, shaping and lifting the butt in a fun and entertaining way. If that is the outcome you are looking for then this is the home fitness DVD to get.