Aug 06

ChaLEAN EXTREME Reviews Say Muscle Burns Fat

The ChaLEAN EXTREME Workout DVD is the latest fitness and workout DVD set from the popular and well regarded fitness trainer Chalene Johnson. It is a 90 day program that uses the premise that “muscle burns fat” to deliver a reduction in body fat. You get more toned and slimmer by going through a series of more challenging exercises to build you muscle and strength up and lose your unwanted fat.

The most popular home fitness DVDs tend to be the more effective ones and stay around for a number of years. This DVD program was released has been with us since 2008. So, has this program stood the test of time or has it been over taken by later programs?


RRP: $120.95
Number of DVDs: 6
Body Areas: Total body with a focus on the core
Instructor: Chalene Johnson
Workout Length: 30 days
Extras: Food Guide, Muscle Burns Fat Guidebook,  Body Fat Tester, Calendar, Thigh Toner Band, Motivational CD
Warranty – 30 days


This program operates a simple 3 phase approach to fitness and getting in shape. The 1st phase is the burn phase – through moderate exercise you build up your muscle and strength. In the 2nd phase called the push phase – you find your new limits by being pushed outside your comfort zone. In phase 3, the lean phase you are introduced to new exercises and techniques that use your new acquired strength from the previous 2 phases. You do things you wouldn’t have thought you would be able to do when you began the program.

The Pros

By Women, For Women: There are lot home workout DVD programs available today. But there aren’t too many that are made just for women, devised by women, presented by women and appear to be as effective at improving their fitness and losing pounds. Many women like Chalene Johnson and find her just the person to keep them motivated and give them the push they need from time to time.

Chalene doesn’t come across in videos as some Hollywood superstar but as someone women can relate to – a 40 year old mother who looks great for her age because of the time and effort she has dedicated to diet and fitness. It also appears her manner strikes a chord with many women and she can motivate and direct them to stick at the program. It helps that this is a gradual and progressive program for toning and slimming. It doesn’t use the pushy tactics use see on some boot camp or other DVD programs.

Variation: The 6 DVDs you get in this program include 15 workouts that are devised to help you work through the 3 workout phases. Each phase includes a focus on “super-intense cardio.” This extreme cardio jump starts your cardio and is then followed by drills and stretches for flexibility. You get to build up muscle strength and flexibility at the same time and results can be seen relatively quickly. It is unusual to find a home fitness DVD that focuses on both like this one does. There is plenty of variation and change in the programs and they can test you at various times. Many people report they see improvements in their body in a fairly short time period.

Core: You get a good focus on core body workouts as well as all body fitness workouts. These core body workouts really help to work your stomach area. These sessions focus on giving you toned and leaned midriff section to give you that flat stomach look everyone wants, as well as a strong core. You get these results while exercising your whole body. Again from our research many woman are impressed by the results they see in a relatively short time.

The Cons

Weights: To make full use of this DVD workout program you do need a set of weights, which is different to a lot of home fitness DVD programs. Additionally, as you progress through the phases and build up your strength you will need to buy heavier sets of weights to continue to see improved results. This is may not really be seen as a negative but needs to be known before you start using this program to get them ost out of it.

Also, if you are used to weight lifting you won’t get as much out of the program as if you were new to it. A newcomer will find the weights challenging but someone who is experienced in weight lifting may be left feeling a bit let down and not fully challenged by the program. This would indicate that this program is not for the serious athlete and is more designed and beneficial for someone wanting to get serious about losing weight at home rather than going to the expense of a gym membership.

Should You Buy The ChaLEAN EXTREME Workout DVD Program?

This DVD workout set is not for everyone. As would be expected, if you are a serious exerciser with a lot of experience it is unlikely that you will get as much out of this program as someone who is new to this type of exercising. But the 3 stage approach is ideal to take a newcomer to fitness training at home that gets them started and then pushes them along and finally tests to get great results in a relatively short period of time. The product description is “Burn Fat, Boost You Body & Get Lean” and from our research this is what this DVD program can do for you. If you haven’t pushed yourself too hard in the past you will get much better results.