Sep 20

3 Best Dance Games For Fitness Reviewed And Compared

Dance games can be a lot of fun – they are great at parties but they also can help your fitness too. They have been popular for a while with one of the first being the well known Dance Dance Revolution.

There have been a lot of improvements and enhancements to them in the time following the release of Dance Dance Revolution. In particular the motion sensing functionality of home consoles has made a big difference to the games.

Here are comparisons and reviews of 3 best dance games available now.

Dance Central 2

Dance Central 2 is one of the bestselling dance video games on any games console. It plays on the Xbox with Kinect. It builds upon the success of the original title with lots of new options, features and songs to dance a long to. It competes with the Just Dance video game series made for Nintendo Wii (see our reviews below).

This game is great fun to play which is important if you want to stay engaged while you dance to workout or just for fun. It has an intuitive menu system that allows you to get into action and gets you hooked right in to the dancing. It has you moving all around and will get the heart pumping and have you breaking out into a sweat on all settings other than the easy ones.

If you liked the music from the first Dance Central game you have the option to transfer music to the new game. This gives you all the songs from both games to listen and move to. It does cost you to do this which is annoying especially as you have already paid for them once. The cost is 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.

But if you don’t want to do that, you still get plenty of tunes for some great dances to get your heart rate up and burn some calories. It has multi-player function that allows two people to dance at the same time for more fun. You can make up your own personal playlist from the songs included in the game to make the experience more enjoyable. It is always more fun dancing along to your favorite tracks.

The sensitivity of the Kinect motion sensor has come on along way since the original title. It can sense your moves much more accurately resulting in a much richer experience and helps to motivate you to do the moves to a higher standard giving you more fitness benefits.

For beginners there is the “Break It Down” mode. It gives you the opportunity to work slowly through the moves so you get to work out the moves before starting the dance games. This makes it easier to get up to speed and improves the enjoyment of the dance sessions when you start the other modes of the game.

However, some of the lyrics are not really appropriate for younger kids. The most offensive words have been bleeped out but some of the lyrics still include very strong suggestive sexual language that you may prefer your children did not hear. Keep this in mind if you are thinking of getting the game for your children.

Having said that, this is a fun and enjoyable dance video game that will help you to get a dance workout at home. The Kinect sensor works well and the game is worth getting for fun and fitness.

Just Dance 2

This is another very popular dance game series. This is for the Nintendo Wii game console. The first Just Dance came out a few years ago and is still very popular. There have been a number of sequels to the original and this is great for those who like to dance for fun and/or fitness. Just Dance 2 was the first of the follow ups.

It comes with a great range of songs. There are a number of recent chart toppers as well as some older hits to make sure everyone is catered for. Dancing to songs you like is much more enjoyable and helps to keep you engaged in the game longer.

If you are looking to get exercise from this game you will be pleased. There are a lot of great songs and dance moves that really get you moving your body. It will get the blood pumping from all of the moving round and it will have you sweating as you try to keep up with all the moves.

The menu system is easy to use and simple to navigate around. There is little messing and you can just select the top option and you can get dancing straightaway.

As with most of these dance video games the lyrics are not always appropriate for younger children. They do bleep out the worst words, but, this still leaves in the suggestive lyrics you may not want your kids to listen to. Besides this point you will get a good workout from the game as you enjoy moving and dancing to some popular dance music.

Just Dance 3

This is the next follow up in the popular dance game series. Just Dance 3 is not just more of the same as it includes new music as well as several new features to keep it all interesting.

You can quickly get started. You don’t have to play around setting up your profile, selecting an avatar or anything else. All you need do is click and you can get to the song you wanted and get busy dancing.

The features that really make this a great game for dancing and fitness are the Dance ‘Til Dawn mode and the multiplayer mode. Up to 4 people can be involved in the game at the same time with multiplayer functionality. Each has their own dance moves to do along with a solo dance piece.

Something that fans of the game have wanted is the ability to play tracks continuously without the need to go back to the menus and make a selection to get the songs playing again. This is great for parties where you want things to keep on going without any forced breaks to kill the mood.

These features of the game are not just great for parties they are also great in helping your level of fitness. You can workout with friends in a party atmosphere or of you like on your own without having to stop to re-set the music and game.

A negative for this game compared to its predecessor is that the dance moves don’t need as much physical exertion. So, it does make the workouts less demanding, and needs to be borne in mind if you are considering the game for its fitness benefits. Also, the songs selected are a bit obscure which is a pity as the songs on Just Dance 2 were great to dance to.

Overall, this makes a great buy as it is entertaining and is very enjoyable and can help you to get fit.


There are loads of dance video games available to buy. However, many of them aren’t that much fun or engaging. The video games discussed here are all worth getting. The 2 best ones are the Just Dance 2 for the Wii and Dance Central 2 for Xbox with Kinect. You will have fun and get a workout at the same time with these games.