Oct 18

Review Of The EA Sports Active 2 Game

The number of home fitness games continues to increase as the demand for this type of fitness program increases. The EA Sports active game was initially released on the Wii and its’ successor was then designed for the Xbox Kinect.

EA Sports Active 2 for Xbox Kinect is considered by many to be one of the top fitness games available on this platform. The features that makes this game stand out from the rest is that it has a large range of different activities which are able to be personalized to suit each persons workout requirements and goals. A heart rate monitor is also included to further emphasize that this is more than just a game it is there help with your fitness too.

The big benefit that Kinect has when compared with the Wii and PS3 consoles is for exercise games is that it has full body sensor capability which allows for better instruction and feedback when performing the exercises, and gives an opportunity for much more varied workout because of this. So, is the EA Sports Active 2 a good choice for a fitness game? Read on to find out if it makes the grade.

The Pros

Personalized Workout: The EA ports Active for Xbox 360 Kinect major benefit over other fitness games is the ability to structure and organize the workouts. Exercises can be omitted and a personal workout created just for your own personal wants and requirements. This is great for those wanting to have a specific level of intensity to their workout or if you want to concentrate on one particular area. This is especially useful you want to focus on rehabilitation of specific areas.

In addition to customized workouts there are conditioning workout programs that can be followed. It has a 9 week conditioning program that has 3 intensity settings and is a great way to be introduced to workouts and exercises available though the game.

Big Range Of Activities: The main advantage of the Xbox over the PS3 Move or Wii is the wide range of activities and exercises that are possible to perform.. The Kinect sensor can pick up a far greater range of motion than the controller type sensors and this allows for more varied range of difficulty and style of exercises. You can also have different levels of intensity and you can exercise at the level that suits you. This also helps when you are customizing the workout programs as you can focus on specific areas using a number of different exercises.

Heart Rate Monitoring: Included with this game is a heart rate monitor. From our research this heart rate monitor provides you with detailed and accurate readings. It simply attaches to your arm and fairly comfortable. If you only want moderate exercise and aren’t looking for an intense workout you won’t be that interested in this functionality. However, if you are looking for more intense workouts and are a more serious exerciser you will find it very helpful.

You don’t find this with other exercise games for Kinect and is a big plus for this game. You don’t really notice the heart rate monitor when it is attached. It is comfortable and secure while you exercise.

The Cons

Controlling The Menu: The menu controls of this game can seem quite temperamental at times and this is one of the biggest downsides of the game. The manufacturer has released several updates to improve the situation. This is due to the game’s menu being originally designed for the Wii and not fully re-programmed for the Xbox Kinect console. This means several of the menu choices jump around the screens and make it difficult to get to where you want to go. Turning on the Xbox controller is often the best way to get over this problem of navigating around the menu.

Motion Recognition Issues: These issues are the biggest problem with this fitness games. Anyone who owns a Kinect will be aware of the limits of the motion sensor. On top of those this game has some further problems due to issues with the game’s software. The tracking of certain actions is limited and in some case it doesn’t pick up certain activities. Most people notice this when they are doing their floor exercises. To improve the situation exercisers can take certain actions such as staying totally still while the game loads and staying as far back from the sensor as possible while doing the exercises. Even so, this is still annoying. It is not something you come across with other fitness games for the Kinect so it is to with the game rather than the console.

Should You Buy The Sports Active 2?

There are a few well known exercise games designed for the Kinect platform and this can make it difficult to decide in one the right title for you. With this game there are a few things that may cause you to want to look at other games. First off, you need an area of ten feet or more and if you don’t have that you probably need to look elsewhere. This is because the motion sensor software needs this space to recognize your movement and to overcome some of the problems noted above. Navigating the menu takes time to get the hang of and you need to have some patience to get everything set up fully. If you don’t have the patience it s probably best to avoid the game.

If you get over that and when the game works many people have found this to be a very good fitness game. The number of exercises available is much greater than most other games. If they could get rid of the quirks and buggy feeling of the game this would be one very top exercise games available today. As it is, you need to put a fair bit of effort to get the best from it.