Jul 28

Exerpeutic 300SR Foldable Recumbent Bike Review Say It Rocks

Most upright exercise bikes copy the standard road bikes in seating and how you sit and pedal them. The Exerpeutic 300SR is different in that you sit back in a chair and it is comfortable, preventing the sore “rear” that many experience when riding a bike. This can seem appealing, but the question is does it deliver on providing a good and is it value for money?


RRP: $189
Dimensions: 33 x 19 x 46 inches
Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs
LCD Computer Display? Yes
Foldable? Yes
Weight: 39 lbs
Warranty: 1 year limited
Recommended User height: From 5 feet 2 inches – 6 feet 2 inches

The Pros

Ease of Assembly: There is some assembly required when you get the bike home. Fortunately, this is fairly straightforward with good clear instructions to follow. Also, there aren’t too many parts that have to be put together. Most people are able to get all put together and ready for use in about 30 minutes.

Storage Space: This is one of this bike’s interesting features. Most other indoor exercise bikes require a fair bit of room and you tend to leave them in the place you set them up. It is possible to move them as many have rollers to help you move them. But, with the 300SR you can fold it up when it is not in use.

The folded up bike only requires half the space and can be put away into a cupboard or under the stairs without much trouble. This is great if you have limited space as you might have in a small apartment.

Seat Comfort: Another important difference of this bike and normal stationary bikes is the seat. Many bikes use a standard bike seat which provides an exercising experience similar to the one you get from riding a normal road bike. If the seat hasn’t been properly designed it can make exercising uncomfortable after awhile and could be described as pain in the posterior.

Instead, with this bike you get a flat, cushioned seat with a large back rest. This provides support to all of your rear end meaning your weight is not all on just one small area. This results in a much more comfortable experience while you are working out on the bike.

The back rest helps you to sit back in the seat which encourages good posture and helps in supporting the back. Tin this way it provides some assistance to those who may suffer from back problems when exercising on an indoor exercise bike.

Noise: Or should I say lack of it. You will notice that this is a very quiet bike. You can happily watch TV or listen to music as you use the bike. Other people in the house won’t find it annoying. If, you so wish it is possible to exercise and watch TV with others without any issues over noise levels. They can still easily hear the TV.

LCD Display: It comes with and easy to see LCD display without having to lean forward to look at it. This is great for monitoring how fast you are going, how long you’ve been exercising and the total distance traveled. The display and data it displays are large which make it easy to see at a glance.

Stable: You would think with its small size and being able to be folded up, it might be a bit flimsy. But this isn’t the case. It provides a stable ride. The reason for this is in part due to how you sit on the bike as this put less pressure on the pedals and you are situated more centrally over the bike. In addition it is made of good solid material meaning you should get a good amount of use out of it.

Price: This is one of the most affordably priced bikes in this category. Meaning you don’t have to break the bank to get one.

The Cons

Heart Rate Monitoring: The heart rate monitor included as standard with this bike is not very accurate, with it being wrong by up to 15 beats. Which is a pretty big variance and not really useful for monitoring for exercising purposes. If monitoring your heart rate is an important factor you are best to get a wrist heart rate monitor.

Calories Burnt: Unfortunately, just like the heart rate monitor the calories burnt is not accurate. Calculating the number of calories burnt is not just about the exercise you do but also on things like body weight, fat percentage. You don’t enter these things in to the calorie monitor so it isn’t able to give a proper reading.

Slim Display: The LCD display is not very robust and it can be easily damaged when you move the bike, or even when you put it together. It is easy to snap it. This does need improving. The rest of the bike is strong and durable, so this is a little disappointing.

Is The Exerpeutic 300SR Worth Buying?

In summary this is bike is well worth the money for those who want a very affordable piece of exercise equipment. If you do have more money to invest it is worth considering getting a standard bike because you can get a workout that is little more intense.

It provides a light cardio workout and the ability to watch TV at the same time and for its price you are unlikely to find a better bike.