Sep 10

What You Can Find Out From A Gazelle Edge Trainer Review

The Gazelle Edge Trainer is really an elliptical trainer but it does provide some of the same benefits as an elliptical trainer. It is really a glider and offers a low-impact cardio workout in a way that is similar to an elliptical trainer. You get this at a price below $150. This is much cheaper than most elliptical trainers by a large amount.  But, even through the price is attractive can you get the same benefits from this glider that you get with an elliptical trainer? Read on to find out.  


RRP: $167
Dimensions: 43 x 28 x 53.8 inches
Visual Display: Yes
Weight: 42 lbs
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
Stride Lenth: Full Stride motion
Warranty: 90 days

The Pros:

Smooth Movement: You get a smooth motion with this glider that allows you to concentrate on your exercise without the distraction from jerky motions.  This is way better than many of the lower end elliptical trainers you which can have a very jerky motion which can be hard on the joints.

Low Impact: This glider provides a very low impact form of exercise. You feet don’t leave the pedals while you are exercising, so there is no impact as a result of lifting and putting your feet back on the ground or pedals. This means this machine is great for people who suffer from joint and back issues that can be harmed by impact type exercises. This fitness machine could be for people who are looking to get back to fitness after an injury.

Cost: The one thing that stands out about this machine even before you look at it properly is the price. It has a retail price $150 which is lower just about every elliptical trainer you can find. If you are on a budget this can make a nice saving as most lower-end elliptical trainers are priced around the $200 mark.

Foot Platforms: These are extra wide and this provides a number of advantages for the exerciser. First off, your feet are unlikely to slip off the platforms or out of place. By putting your foot in the middle of the platforms you have plenty of room to move around before you come even close to slipping off them. And if you have large feet you won’t feel uncomfortable or cramped like you can find when using some of the other cheaper alternatives to this product. It makes this product suitable for just about everyone in regards to this.

Speed Transitions Are Smooth: When going from a slow pace to faster one the transition is natural and smooth, just like when you change pace and stride when walking or running. This because of the way it is designed as the movement is all as a result of the exerciser. This is a feature that most people find as one of the top benefits of this glider.

Noise: This is a very quiet piece of equipment. It is so quiet that you can easily workout in the same room as others who are watching TV without disturbing them at all. This is because it has no motorized parts and all movement is manual. To avoid squeaks you may need to lubricate some of the parts from time to time with petroleum jelly.

Storing: This is a useful feature of this machine, in that it can be folded up and stored out of the way when not in use. It can fit under a bed or in cupboard quite easily. Elliptical trainers don’t offer this and they take up a lot of space. This can be annoying when you don’t have that much room in your house, they can easily end up dominating a room.

The Cons

Movement: As this is a glider and not an elliptical trainer it offers a swinging kind of movement and this is an unnatural motion and can take a bit of time to get used to. In fact some people don’t get used to it. However, most do after spending a bit of time on the machine. Even so, you may find that you are not ever entirely comfortable with this kind of movement. Elliptical trainers have been designed to closely copy the natural movements of the human stride and you may find this more to your liking.

Maximum User Weight: This glider is only for users up to a maximum weight of 250 lbs which is lower than most elliptical trainers which have a maximum user capacity of around 300 lbs or more.
This is not so good for those people looking to use the machine to lose weight or for those who are broad and very tall who have bigger body mass than the average person.

Lack Of Resistance Levels: If you are looking for an elliptical style of exercise by using this machine you will find the lack of resistance settings one of its biggest shortcomings. It offers no resistance at all much like when you are walking or running on the flat. You can’t push yourself as hard as you would when using an elliptical trainer and means this product is not for anyone who is serious fitness enthusiast, but is probably OK for those looking for moderate levels of exercise.

Should You Buy The Gazelle Edge Trainer?

The Gazelle Edge trainer does not offer all the functions of an elliptical trainer but it does have a few benefits. If you want low impact moderate workouts it makes a fairly good option. And it is good if you are on a tight budget. But if you want to push yourself harder or want the benefits of the full ellipticaql movements it won’t be the right choice for you.