Sep 13

Glossary Of Fitness Terms

This is a list of helpful fitness terms to get you started. We explain some of the more common terms in easy to understand language so you can get up to speed with all the jargon and confusing words used.

Aerobic training – this is any activity that gets your breathing more deeply. The activity requires oxygen to complete.

Anaerobic training – is usually short bursts of high intense movement

Body Mass Index – a relative index used to measure the weight of your body that to a certain extent correlates to the amount of body fat on adults.

Target Heart Rate – this is the optimum heart rate to achieve while you exercise to get the most benefit from exercise.

Sedentary – This is normally discussed in terms of lifestyle, where someone does little or no physical activity in their life.

Resting heart rate – this is number of beat per minute a heart beats when person is at rest

Resistance training – a type of exercise where you push or pull against some other force – like a resistance band or weights – as you would do in weight training.

Overuse injury – an injury caused to joints or muscle by repeated training of muscles and joints

Heart rate – a measure of the number of time the heart beats in one minute

FDA – Food and Drug Administration