Mar 21

Horizon T101 Treadmill Review Says Machine is a Good Investment

It’s important to take care of your body, especially when you consider your long-term health. This is why a lot of people purchase a home fitness tool like the Horizon T101 treadmill. It’s considered a good investment, because it allows you to get a quality cardiovascular workout from the comfort of your own home. In a Horizon T101 treadmill review it says purchasing your own fitness machine is less costly in the long run than joining a gym. On the other hand, people also like having a treadmill at home when the weather or time prevents them from getting to a fitness center.

Protects Your Joints

While lots of people like the distraction of running outdoors, the option isn’t always available. The problem is running on bumpy surfaces can cause injuries and damage joints and feet. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it can intensify the risk. When a quality treadmill is used, it allows someone to safely walk or run without dealing with some of these issues. A Horizon T101 treadmill review says the machine is equipped with special padding that provides more safety and extra comfort. The large frame also allows it to stay balanced during a hard workout.

“We both use treadmills to walk much more than jog and the T101 is perfect for that – especially in this price range.”

- G. Bostwick, amazon.com

Ideal for Small Places

A lot of people don’t have extra room in their home for a large treadmill. Many times this is why they get a membership to a fitness center because they aren’t capable of moving in large machines. This is why a number of companies have started building folding treadmills like the Horizon T101. A Horizon T101 treadmill review talks about how this fitness machine has been manufactured to easily fold up for storage.

Everyone Can Use it

The T101 treadmill uses a 2.25 horsepower motor that is pretty quiet. At the same time, it’s also powerful while guiding the 2-ply belt. It easily holds up to 300 pounds and includes a 20”x55” running surface. This means everyone in the family can get use this treadmill, especially when it can be tailored to fit everyone’s workout needs. There are 12 programmable workouts and a number of ways to customize an exercise plan. The incline can be adjusted 10 degrees and the speed goes up to 10 mph.

“One of things I like best about it is there are dedicated buttons for each of the speed and incline levels. So you can quickly change speed and incline levels. It’s also super quiet.”

- John Gregory, amazon.com

Easy to Ready LED Display

Some people get frustrated when they can’t read the display. A Horizon T101 treadmill review says this won’t be the case with this machine, as the LED display is easy to read. It is visibly obvious and lets you see all of the important components with a single glance. A person can monitor his or her progress in regards to fat burning or how many calories they’ve burned by watching the heart rate target with the heart rate grips. There are other programming options like:

•    Time target
•    Distance target
•    Calorie target
•    Manual workouts
•    Weight loss workout
•    Interval workouts

Buying the T101 Treadmill

Anyone interested in getting the T101 treadmill should shop online for the best options. The lowest prices are often found at websites like amazon.com. A Horizon T101 treadmill review says this is the ideal fitness machine for under $1,000. Some people will even find it for much less, but make sure it’s from a reputable website.