Aug 20

INSANITY: 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD Program Review

The INSANITY: 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD set is a very popular home workout program> It is a bestselling program featuring the super fit trainer Shaun T. This program does not need any weights or fitness equipment. The 10 DVD program stands on its own and focuses on working the core. It is a 60 day program.As with all DVD workout and home fitness programs claims are made about the fitness and health benefits you can get along with guaranteed results. This makes it all very difficult to know which program to choose and whether they are the right one for you.

Some people believe that one workout program is as good as the next providing you commit and apply yourself. However, this is not totally right, because it depends on your personal aims, your level of current fitness, abilities and time you have to commit.

The Insanity program states that anyone who is dedicated and puts in the work will see fantastic results in 60 days. A brave claim but do people who follow this program get these results?


RRP: $169.99
Number of DVDs: 10
Body Areas: Total body workout
Instructor: Shaun T
Workout Length: 60 days
Extras: Nutrition guide, progress calendar, online support
Warranty: n/a

The Pros

Shaun T: Many times home fitness DVD sets choose the wrong person to present them. You do want to have someone that comes across as your own personal trainer. In this DV program that role is filled by the super-fit trainer Shaun T.

He certainly looks and sounds like a personal trainer. His instructions are motivating but still are firm to give the encouragement needed. From our research it appears many people feel like he is personally speaking to them through the screen. This is a great skill to have and helps in the motivation. You can also see that he is pushing himself to as he does the exercises because at times you can see he find them tough to complete.

The other exercisers on the DVD also find the going tough and they take breaks at times. It helps to see some of the fittest people around struggling to keep up with the program. Many find this reassuring and helps to keep them at it because they know it is acceptable to be out of breath at times.

Full Training Program: Included in this program is a nutrition guide, workout calendar and 10 DVD that all help to direct you towards a much more physically active and healthy life.

It includes 10 different categories of exercises with a DVD for each. Some of the highlights of the program are plyometric cardio circuit DVD workout – an intense lower body fat burning workout, MAX Cardio conditioning, ABS DVD and the Cardio ABS workout DVD with short interval core cardio explosive workouts. These will push you to your limits.

To help to keep you from burning out you get some lower intensity workout DVDs while maintaining your fitness levels. It is a comprehensive workout program that provides a full body workout through use of core exercises.

More Than Once: You start off this program with a fitness test to measure your starting fitness by seeing what you can achieve at that time. At the end of the 60 days you take the fitness test again to measure the improvement you have made in that time. It is an intense program and a very extensive program that focuses on your core. Many people get a lot from just one cycle of the 60 day program. However, many also say that get a lot more benefits when they do it for 2nd or 3rd run through it due to being able to push themselves harder because of their increased fitness levels.

The Cons

Joints and Back: You get a caution at the beginning of the DVD that this program is not for people with joint, back, or other heath problems. It is good they do and needs to be taken seriously as many people who follow the program mention how hard it is on the joints etc. The issue is that they don’t make it that obvious until after you have bought it.

This workout is high intensity workout that put a lot of pressure on the joints particularly the back and knees. And if you do have any sort of back and joint problems this is a program to avoid. I would like the maker of this program to make that a little more obvious before someone buys it. An obvious disclaimer or warning made before buying would help and I don’t think it would put off anyone who really wants the program buy would help people who shouldn’t use the workout program by saving them money and time.

Who Should Buy The INSANITY Workout DVD Program?

If you have any sort of joint pain or back pain then this program is probably not right for you, due to the intensity of the workout. And because of the intensity of the workout it is unlikely to be right for anyone who does not want to take it seriously, and if you are looking for a light workout you are better looking for a less intense workout program than this one.

This workout program, if you put the work in is a tough, balanced full body workout that will work all you core muscle groups. This is a challenging program and you have Shaun T encouraging you to try harder.

If you want a workout that pushes you to your limits and leave you worn out when you complete it then this program is worth checking out. If you stick to the program and really put the work in you are going to see results and fairly quickly to. So, if you are looking for a demanding workout program that will take you to a new level of fitness then the INSANITY Workout DVD Program is an ideal program.