Aug 13

The INSANITY: The ASYLUM Review – Will It Take You There

The Insanity Asylum 30 Day Sports Training workout starts where its predecessor the Insanity 60 Day workout stopped. It is new and higher level of intensity that claims to be a much harder and challenging program to take you to a new higher fitness peak. As with its predecessor it is presented by the Shaun T. the ultra-fit personal trainer.

The focus is on sports style training it is not the beginners or those who aren’t already in good physical condition. From our research it leaves even the fittest and serious athletes out of breath and struggling to keep up.  If you have been through the original Insanity course and are looking for more this could be the next logical step to push you further. It sets out to be a more intense and demanding workout program to get you to achieve a higher level of fitness and agility as achieved by elite athletes.. But does it really deliver on this promise or it just more of the same in a different format?


RRP: $104.80
Number of DVDs: 6
Body Areas: Total body workout
Instructor: Shaun T
Workout Length: 30 days
Extras: Agility Ladder, Speed Rope, Nutritional Plan, Calendar, and Playbook, 2 bonus workouts
Warranty: n/a

The Pros

All Round Athlete: The focus of this DVD is to help to make you feel and look like an elite athlete in your fitness and agility. Each of the DVD’s workout programs are based around a set of exercises and techniques to enhance different areas of sporting ability.

The first of the DVDs is the Speed & Agility one. This includes an intense cardio workout that works your lower body and also improves your balance and speed as utilized in basketball, tennis, football and other sports.

The Break DVD is used in the middle of the cycle to give muscles a break. As well as doing this it provides a gentle muscle strengthening exercises to improve flexibility.  It builds lean muscle for middle and long distance  running while giving your other more explosive muscles a break to let them recover.

Similarly the other DVDs focus on other areas of sporting ability in a coordinated approach to fitness and agility.

Shaun T: If you enjoyed the trainer from the previous Insanity Workout program then you’ll be pleased to see that Shaun T has returned as your trainer and instructor in this workout program. But like the much higher intensity of The Asylum program than its predecessor Shaun T has changed too.

No longer do you get the gentle encouraging. Now you get a more focused and intense trainer who gets you full attention and doesn’t want any slacking. He even has a go at the people training on the DVD if they don’t perform any of the exercises correctly.

This program is designed for those who are in very good condition and want to push themselves to do what is required to make the leap up to the next level of fitness conditioning. The change in Shaun T is what you would expect from a program that wants you take this challenge as seriously as it does itself.

New Exercises: This program introduces different exercises that require equipment to complete. Supplied with the program are an Agility Ladder and s speed rope. The speed rope is commonly known as a jump rope. They both help to add interest and variety to the exercise program.

The best ting about the fitness program is the agility ladder. This is a rope ladder that you lay on the ground and use to perform around and through. Professional footballers and boxers often use these ladders in their training to boost their fitness and agility.

The agility ladder helps in building up balance, strength, agility and speed utilizing new exercises devised by Shaun T. It adds a new dimension to the exercise program. The cardio and strength training exercises introduced here have left many exercisers completely exhausted as they push themselves to higher levels o fitness.

The Cons

Room: To complete all the exercises as demonstrated you do need quite a bit of room to do them properly. The agility ladder is 6 foot long and to do the exercises you require space at either end meaning you will require at least 8 feet by several feet to get the full benefit out of the exercises.

It is not made clear when you buy the course that you need this much room. Most people will have enough space set aside to perform these exercises in their home so shouldn’t be too big an issue. It is also worth noting that it does require more room than the original Insanity workout program.

Who Should Buy The INSANITY: The ASYLUM – 30 Day Sports Training DVD Program?

This program is not for anyone who has any type injury or physical ailment. Also you want to be quite physically fit already and want to take the next step up in their physical fitness and want to be pushed to new highs in that fitness. It is called the The Asylum for a reason.

This program is ideal for anyone who has completed the Insanity 60 Day Workout and are looking to push themselves harder to become lean and mean. This program is designed for people who are very good physical condition and want to challenge themselves further. The cardio exercises are much more challenging then the ones found in P90X and also from the ones in the Insanity 60 Days Workout.

So if you are looking to take your physical fitness to the next level this DVD set can certainly help you get there with many customers being impressed by the results they are seeing from this course. You do need to be committed and ready to be pushed beyond your limits, so it isn’t for the faint of heart.