Sep 04

What You Can Learn From A Livestrong LS10.0E Elliptical Trainer Review

The Livestrong LS10.0E is one of the higher priced elliptical trainers designed for the home exercise market. At this price range there are fewer models to compare with but the quality does tend to be of a higher standard and there are higher expectations because of extra cost. Livestrong have strong reputation for quality and the question is does this elliptical trainer live up to reputation? Read on to to see if it does.


RRP: $2000
Dimensions: 76 x 24 x 67 inches
Visual Display: Yes
Weight: 199 lbs
Weight Capacity: 325 lbs
Stride Length: 20-inch
Warranty: Frame and brakes – Lifetime, Parts – 3 years, Labor – 1 year

The Pros

Flywheel: This elliptical trainer has a heavy flywheel. It weight 23 lbs. This is much heavier than most other home use elliptical trainers. It has several benefits.

First off, you get a smooth ride because of it. When using an elliptical trainer you want a smooth ride. It helps people with joint issues and help you to keep up your pace while exercising. If the motion is jerky or it jolts it can throw you off your stride and make it difficult to keep up your intensity levels and can mean the exercise is no longer low impact which may make it not appropriate for anyone with joint problems. The weight of the flywheel helps to keep the machine stable while you exercise. It helps to compensate for the weight of the user thereby stopping the trainer from moving around or wobbling while they exercise.

Stride Length: The stride length for this trainer is 20 inches. This is in line with many of the higher-end home use trainers and is also similar in length to that of the commercial equipment used in gyms. You find with many cheaper elliptical trainers that they have a much shorter stride length which is less than a natural stride and can feel uncomfortable and restricted for users.  A stride length of 20 inches is great for those who take their workouts seriously and find the shorter lengths unusable for their purposes. It is also of benefit for beginners because it means more muscles are used than when using a shorter stride.

Built-In Programs: You get 11 built-in programs plus the option to personalize programs too.  You can also download your results onto a USB stick and analyze them on your computer and go on to the Livestrong site. This is something more than you find with other manufacturers models that offer less functionality. So if you like your tech solutions and built in programs this is going to be very useful feature for you.

Weight Capacity: Depending on how well an elliptical machine is made determines the upper user weight they can accommodate.  The lower cost machines tend to be suitable for lower user weight. This Livestrong elliptical trainer says it can support a weight of 325 lbs. Our research appears to confirm this with comments about its stability from users near this weight saying the machine is stable and supports them well.  What this means that this trainer is suitable for many different people including those who need to lose a bit of weight for their health and those who are tall and broad and who naturally have a bigger body mass than others.

Stability: This is a stable and solid machine and this is what you would expect.  It all seems to be of good quality, well built and designed well. This helps to keep it stable and users have not experienced any wobbly and shaking. The weight of the machine keeps it stable even under the most intense exercise by heavier users.

Assembly: Unfortunately fitness equipment has a bad reputation for being difficult to put together. Some of the machines are so bad that it can result in a frustrating time of more than three hours to put them together and this is for people who are good at this type of thing. In some cases, they need to be assembled by professionals.

It is good to see that this machine isn’t one of those and most people find it simple to put together even those who aren’t that way inclined. The instructions are clear and the parts go together easily, so this is not a concern and you can have it up and ready for exercising relatively quickly.

Noise: Exercise equipment when in use can be very noisy especially at higher speeds. They can rattle, clunk and squeak while being used and that is on top of the background sounds they generate that means you can’t hear anything else in the room.

This machine is quiet but so quiet that your family can watch TV in the same room while you are exercising, but it is quieter than a lot of other elliptical machines especially the lower end ones. If you are using it in another room you won’t be annoying anybody else in the house and you can listen to your music without any problems.

Visual Display: It has one of the clearest LCD displays available for an elliptical trainer. The display gives you a range of information in a large and clear manner. This, along with the ability to store information on your PC and online makes it easy to set targets and monitor your progress.
The Cons

Noise: As noted above this is one of the quietest elliptical machines available, some users have noted a strange noise can be heard from the flywheel. Only some machines do this and it is due to fault found in a few products. Most machines do not do this. It is worth listening out for this and if it does make this noise it is a good idea to contact customer service. Most people find getting the issue rectified relatively quick and easy once they speak to them.

Reliability: Without testing this machine for a long time it is not really possible to comment on its long term durability. However, some users have seen rust starting on the machine after only relatively short period of time. To help to prevent this it is advisable to wipe dry the machine of sweat after it has been used.

Should You Buy The Livestrong LS10.0E Elliptical Trainer?  

This machine comes out fairly high in terms of quality and value for money from ounr investigation. We haven’t come across any real concerns about the Livestrong LS10.0E Elliptical apart from the 2 issues note above of some noise from the flywheel and having to make sure the machine is wiped down after each use For this reason we recommend this machine.