Jul 30

Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle Review – Is It Value For Money?

The Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle is an affordable recumbent bike. It comes with 8 different levels of resistance which you set using an easy to use knob which is manually adjusted. This gives you the opportunity to personalize a workout to your own particular needs. It comes with a large display board to keep track of your workout. You can see at glance calories expended, distance traveled, time taken and speed. The design of the bike allows easy step through for getting on to it. The manufacturer claim the seat provides good support for those suffering from back pain or injury and can be adjusted to accommodate all shapes and sizes. The aim of the bike is to provide a low cost exercise bike that is reliable and meet the needs of exercisers. But the question is, can this bike live up to the claims of Marcy?


RRP: $349.99
Dimensions: 55 by 25 by40 inches
LCD Computer Display? Yes
Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs
Machine Weight: 67 lbs
Warranty:  Frame 2 years.

The Pros

Convenience and Comfort: It is great for those that suffer from back pain and other issues. The frame is designed to make getting on and off the bike quite easy due to it being step through. When you are seated the 2 handlebars below the seat provide a solid stable feel. You can adjust the seat to fit your size and it can accommodate most sizes unlike many other low cost exercise bikes. It provides a stable and comfortable ride plus the pedal action is smooth.

The ease of access to getting on the bike is better than a lot of higher priced bikes and it is also much more comfortable than these bikes. Having said that, if you do suffer from very bad back pain it is probably a good idea to pay a bit more money and get a bike with a bucket style seat and more back support. For anyone else this bike is definitely worth considering.

Assembly: This bike is relatively easy to put together and this is a good way to workout how well the bike is made. The instructions are clear and there are a number of pieces to assemble but it isn’t too difficult. The pieces all go together without much effort. One person can assemble this bike without too much trouble but having two people will certainly make it a faster process.

Weight: This is a lightweight bike weighing in at just 66 lbs. Unlike many bikes that claim they are lightweight, the bike doesn’t fell like it has been made from poor quality material. It is stable and solid. It includes wheels for transport that make it easy to move about when you want to move it out of the way or position it for exercising.

It does not move around or sway when it is being used, which indicates that it is a bike made from quality materials and it well designed. It is a sturdy machine even though it is lightweight machine.

The Cons

Resistance Levels: It comes with 8 pre-set levels from 1 to 8. The setting of the levels is straightforward. You manually set the levels by adjusting the tension dial. Level 8 is the hardest but the issue is that you feel there should be a few more levels of tension to really get an intense workout.

This bike is designed with those who are looking for a gentler workout, so it is logical to have easy resistance levels to start off with. But, if harder levels were added it would make more suitable for those who want a bit more from their workouts. It would make this a more popular bike than it is.

Display Panel: The Marcy Recumbent’s display panel is old fashioned. With a budget priced bike you might not expect top of the line equipment, but even with that expectation the display is disappointing. It is often not easy to see the data displayed and this can be annoying when you are trying to measure performance and achievement. The addition of a nice LED display would really enhance this bike.

Should You Buy The Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle?

This might not be the ideal bike for you if you want to do some serious exercising in your home. It is great value, very well made and it will last for a very long time. If your movement is limited by back and other injuries it is an ideal machine. But, it is designed for “gentle exercise” and it is for this reason that it can’t be considered one of the best recumbent cycles available. So, it is not for everyone, but it is still a very good exercise bike for those wanting a lower intensity workout only.