Aug 27

P90X Reviews Ask If It Works Like It Says On TV

The P90X DVD program has a big reputation in the world of home fitness. Whenever any new fitness program is released it seems that it gets compared to P90X to see if it is good enough. This program has been around for quite a few years and many people still think this program is one of the best.

This 12 DVD program has the words 90-Day Extreme in its title for a reason. It is a tough workout program. It isn’t designed for complete beginners or if they are badly out of shape and won’t be able to keep up with the pace of it. Instead it is for those people looking to improve their fitness levels. But, as with all things, time moves on and there will be concerns as to whether this program is still relevant.

So, we have looked at this program with this in mind to see if this program continues to be one of the top workout programs or have the developments in fitness industry moved on and left it behind or not?


RRP: $150.00
Number of DVDs: 12
Body Areas: Total body workout
Instructor: Tony Horton
Workout Length: 90 days
Extras: Nutrition Plan, Fitness Guide, Workout Calendar

The Pros

Full Workout: Over a period of 90 days this program makes sure it exercises every muscle you have, a number of them you might not have know existed. There is plenty of variation in the workout to keep on changing the focus of the workouts to gain the most benefits from the exercise program.

You don’t get any easy workouts with this program. It has been designed to work you hard but also to not place too much stress on one part of your body. It is all coordinated to provide the maximum effect.

You are unlikely to be able to go through these exercises, especially the first time without some sweating. You can see on the video that even Tony Horton can be out of breath as he keeps up with some of the harder routines. You do need to pace yourself to take full advantage of this total body workout. It does take some time to master all of the exercises in this program but most people report seeing a quick increase in fitness strength and flexibility.

Tony Horton: Many people consider Tony as being almost the ideal trainer. He is firm and encouraging, personable and disciplinarian as needed. He encourages you to keep on going when it gets tough while being fair and building you up so you will persevere.

This is unlike many of the programs you can find on sale where the presenter is annoying and put you off exercising. Fortunately, most people find Tony’s manner helps you to improve your performance. You can tell he know what he talking about.

Tony adds an extra dimension to what is considered by many to be a professional program that is never cheap or tacky like you can see in some other programs. The combination of the content and Tony Horton is the reason for the popularity of the program.

Independent Workout Program: Many of the workout programs available today require to use exercise machines, weights and so on to be able to use them. With this program you just need commitment and the right attitude to benefit from the program. You use your own body weight to give your core muscles the tough work out to get you working hard. With out the need for all these add-ons you can do these workouts anywhere you go.

Many people find this a real benefit due to the convenience of it all. Plus you can save on the expense of fitness equipment and still get a tough and comprehensive workout that even the most serious athlete will find challenging.

The Cons

Fitness Test: As noted above this program is not for everyone. To help with this a fitness test is recommended to be completed prior to getting the program. The P90X test can be found by doing a search on the internet for “P90X fitness test”. This is all good that there is a test like this to help you in making a decision as to whether it is suitable. The issue with all this is that it is not made completely obvious on every sales page that this needs to be taken to find out if the program is right for you. This could save people time and money if it is the right program and they could use a program that is right for them.

Who Should Buy The P90X: Tony Horton’s 90-Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout DVD Program?

This program seems to have a staying power that other workout programs can only wonder at. It certainly seems like it just keeps on delivering fitness benefits to it customers. However, people without much fitness experience or health problems especially joint or back pains should keep away from the program. Aside from that, this is a superb home fitness program with a wide variety of exercises and great production values. Anyone who commits and sticks to this workout will see the excellent results today just as those people did who got the program a few years back. So, if you want a program that offers variety and intense workouts and you are prepared to put the work in you too will probably see similar results to the many others that have used the P90X: Tony Horton’s 90-Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout DVD Program.