Sep 03

P90X2 Reviews Ask Is It The Next Step Up?

The P90X and the Power90 before it is a very popular home fitness program from Tony Horton. Following on from these programs is the P90X2 Workout program that the creator claims is the next level in home fitness workouts and spent 2 years of dedicated research and development to create it.

It is a total body workout with upper body focused workouts, yoga cycles, abs exercises and balance programs. You also get with the DVDs a performance tracker calendar and nutrition guide for a full fitness course.

This program is for those that have already been through the P90X fitness workout and definitely isn’t for someone who is just starting their fitness journey. It is for those who are looking for the next step up in fitness levels. So, does this program live up to the claims and the reputation of the P90X workout programs and move it on or is it just marketing hype?


RRP: $139.80
DVDS: 12
Body Areas: Fulll body
Instructor: Tony Horton
Workout Length: 90 days
Extras: Nutrition Plan, Workout Calendar, On line Support , Fitness guide

The Pros

New Style: There has been a different approach to the workout program with several different muscle groups being exercised at the same time. There is also the inclusion of fitness gear like dumbbells, medicine balls and stability balls. The reason given for these pieces is to increase the intensity of the workouts.

This approach to exercising several muscle groups at one is what makes the workout program more demanding, along with the introduction of the fitness accessories. From our research it this change in emphasis that means this is a new style of a program and not just the same as the old one with a 2 added on to the end of the name. It focuses on the agility balance and core development to give the overall fitness benefits for those seeking “super-human” fitness levels.

Personalization: There is a lot more opportunity to change this program around to suit your personal wants and needs. There are 5 workout days a week and you can increase the length of the program past the 12 weeks mark.

You have the opportunity to make allowances for any of the exercises you may be struggling to master and give yourself extra time to learn them. Many people aren’t familiar with using medicine and stability balls for exercise and it can take a bit of time to perform the exercises properly.

The Cons

Additional Equipment: In the previous program, the P90X you only needed your own body weight to perform the exercises and get the full benefit from it. In the P90X2 workout program it is stated by the manufacturer that you don’t need accessories to effectively do the workouts. However, this is not strictly correct.

In theory you are able to do the workouts in this latest DVD set without equipment, however it makes the workouts very similar in effect to the P90X workouts. This doesn’t make it a bad program, but it does change your expectations and how you can benefit from it. For example, one of the attractions of the P90X was that you could continue your fitness program even when traveling because you didn’t to take anything with you other than the DVDs. With this program to continue on you need to take some equipment with you to stay on course.

Value: As noted above there was 2 years of research and development put in to this program, however in a lot of respects it is very similar to the P90X. I think you would expect more from this 2 years research.

The only really difference is the inclusion of the various pieces of fitness gear like medicine balls and stability balls. Otherwise many of the exercises aren’t that different from P90X. So for some people there is a feeling of “is that it”.

Risky: Some of the exercise can put you in unusual position and place a lot of stress and pressure on certain parts of the body in a way that is considered dangerous. In my opinion you do need to be a very fit and able athlete to even consider some of the moves. with some of the contortion and back arches and balancing on medicine balls are not something that should be recommended for everyone to do. It does seem a little irresponsible and I think you should be made aware of the risks before buying.

Should You Buy The P90X2: The Next P90X DVD Series Base Kit?

If you are a big fan of the P90X fitness program you are probably going to have the P90X2 fitness workout on your most wanted list. Before buying you ought to consider the following:

You need to buy some equipment to be able to do all the moves
Some of the exercises and techniques are complex and potentially dangerous to do and you need to take care when performing them
Without having the gear there isn’t probably enough new stuff in the program to justify the cost

However, it’s not all bad. If you are an extremely fit individual and are worried you are getting bored with the P90X home workout then you may find that the P90X2 will take you fitness to another level and keep you interested. But for others you may not get the benefits you want and may feel a little let down.