Oct 10

What You Can Learn From A PlayStation 3 Move Bundle Review

The PS3 has gone through a number of upgrades since it release a few years ago, the latest being the PlayStation 3 Move Bundle. With this package you get the PS3 Move package, Move Sports Champions Game, a Dual Shock3 controller and a 320GB slim line console.

The console is one of the bet around with 1080p resolution and 128 bit pixel clarity. It can play in full HD and is also a Blu-Ray player. It has built in Wi-Fi with free access to the PlayStation Network. This gives online gaming capability, down load games and watch movies through Netflix.

The motion sensor controller is the most sensitive and accurate one on the market today. It accurately tracks the position, angle and speed of the remote controller at all times by using the PlayStation Eye Camera. With this functionality it gets compared to the Xbox Kinect and Wii. But how does it really stack up against these gaming platforms and is it worth buying from a fitness perspective? Read on as we go through the pros and cons of the console.


RRP: $349.99
Size: 13.4 x 13.4 x 6.3 inches
Top Fitness Titles: Zumba fitness, Fit in Six, EA Sports Active 2
Online Gaming: PlayStation Network
Graphics: 1080p
Storage Space: 320GB

The Pros

Powerful Console: This console uses a new processor which improves the performance and speed of the games. You get full HD, Blu-ray and capability of 3D gaming too. The large hard drive of 320GB gives you the ability to store games with using a memory card. New movies, games and content can be downloaded direct to the hard drive. The Wi-Fi allows you to quickly access the PlayStation Network without the need for cables. The Dual Shock 3 wireless game controller has come along way to. It easily recharged by using a USB cable and the buttons on it are much more sensitive which give more accurate game play and therefore greater control over your moves in the game.

Accuracy: This console bundle has more in common with the Wii that is does with the Xbox 360 Kinect. However, the game style is similar to those available on Kinect. The advantage that PS3 Move has over the other 2 consoles is that it appears to be more accurate in its readings from the motion sensor and controller.

It maps the movement of the controller in 3D resulting in much more accuracy than you get with the Wii. The PS Eye is able to track the controller precisely and because of this it makes the games more enjoyable as the frustration levels are reduced. This is the same when compared with the Kinect, but it only follows the controller’s movement and not all the body like the Kinect does. In this respect the Kinect provides a higher level of accuracy.

Plays Blu-Ray: Blu-ray is the next step in home entertainment. It has a number of benefits like with higher quality video and audio and can store up to 6 times more information than traditional DVDs. Blu-ray players are expensive, so it is handy to have it included in the console. It can still play other formats like DVD and CD-RW as well as the new Blu-ray discs. As with all new technology Blu-ray is going to be used more and more and this feature will become a necessity as more games and movies etc are released using it.

The Cons:

Sports Champions Game: This game comes as part of the bundle. It provides a very good method of training but it isn’t that enjoyable. Most people quickly pick up the moves and styles of the game but it isn’t game that will keep you involved for hours and hours. It is a good game to get started out on. You would expect when you are buying a bundle to get a couple of games that you will enjoy for many hours before you decide to get additional games.

Only One Controller Included: The bundle is good value for money, but, even so you would expect more than one controller. One of the big attractions of these games is being able to play with family and friends. This is difficult with just the one Move controller and also just one standard controller. When you are paying over $300 for a games console bundle it is reasonable to expect more than one controller. It is marketed as multi-player game so it would be great if it provided this ability straight out of the box rather than having to pay extra.

Should You Buy The PlayStation 3 Move Bundle?

Overall this is a good value for money bundle. You get a very powerful console with 320GB of memory. It is really great for standard gameplay and it provides a great experience overall when you play. The Playstation Network is free to use on unlike the Xbox Live . You can play against other plays from all over the world and download and watch streaming movies and music.

It truly is a wonderful piece of modern technology. However, there are some “cons” to consider. Even though it has the most accurate motion sensor it is not as good as the Kinect for fitness games. It does not have full motion sensing capability and this means you can sometimes trick the game to think you are doing better than you are and also it can not record all of your body moves and give feedback. You should also factor in the expense of addition controllers when you want to share with others. But, having said that the PlayStation 3 Move bundle is very good value for money and will provide many hours of fun and entertainment.