Aug 31

POWER 90 Review – Can You Get A Total Body Transformation In 90 Days?

The Power 90 Home Fitness DVD program from Tony Horton was one of the first of the home boot camp fitness programs. Although it has been around for a while many still think of it as one of the best of these types of programs.

It was first produced in 2001. It is designed to be a 90 day workout program combining weight training and intense cardio to change how you look and feel in that period. The manufacturers claim is that you will end up with body you have always wanted.

Since 2001 there have been a number of different programs released, including the P90X and P90X2 that follow on from this program. Even with the release of these newer programs it has continued to be a mainstay on many people’s home workout schedules.

It is probably not the most intense program available and has a focuses on upper body, thighs and abs, but may be more suitable for those that don’t want the stress of some of the higher intensity workouts. It does continue to be popular program but is there a good reason for this?


RRP: $193.00
Number of DVDs: 2
Body Areas: Abs, thighs, upper body
Instructor: Tony Horton
Workout Length: 90 Days
Extras: Resistance Band, Program Guide, 90 day calendar, free online support, meal plans

The Pros

Great For Newbies: For many people wanting to get started in a fitness program to get in shape are put off by how hard and intense the programs are. This program is not one of those types of programs where you need to be at the peak of fitness to complete.

It makes an ideal introduction to home fitness workout for those who want to get started. Tony Horton is one of the best presenters and personal trainers and many people find that he put them completely at ease. It is a progressive workout where you start off slowly and gradually increase you levels of fitness.

If you are a complete newbie to the world of fitness you are unlikely to get all the benefits from your first go through the program, but you will get some. As with any fitness program it requires commitment to see results, but with this program many people start to notice some real benefits in a couple of weeks and this is a real boost to the motivation.

Simple: This program doesn’t over complicate the workout. It keeps things simple and not too technical. Most of the exercises are completed using only your body and a resistance band that is included with the DVDS. This makes it more straightforward to learn the exercises and execute them.

Some people talk about the exercises appearing too simple for them to be effective but they say at the end of the workout they are surprised just how tough it is. It just goes to show that simple well developed exercises and workouts can have a real effect without any unnecessary complications.

Effective: As previously discussed this workout has some very simple workouts but it still requires work to get the benefits from it. And compared to some other programs that involve much more difficult exercises it give far better results. This makes it a much more effective program than these other fitness programs that don’t deliver half the results you get from putting in the effort with the Power90.

This program does mainly concentrates on you upper body, legs and abs but also there are many exercises that work the whole of your body. May people talk about the improvement in their whole physique which appears to prove that the program does indeed live up to its name of being a total body transformation.

The Cons

Not Intense Enough:  This is designed to be a moderate level of intensity workout for those starting out, not for those looking for looking for a high intense training program. However, some people who have bought this program thinking they were getting a more advanced program and have been disappointed by the lack of intensity. But as said before it wasn’t intended to be that sort of program and those wanting such a program would probably better looking at Tony’s other training program the P90X.

Stress On Joints:  If you suffer from joint pain or any other injury it is important to know that some of the exercises and moves do put pressure on your joints particularly the knees. There are changes you can make to the exercises and these should be followed to lessen the impact. Some people think because it is a moderate workout program there will not be any pressure or strain or joints but that is not the case with this program. So anyone with injury or joint pain should exercise the necessary caution when following this workout program.

Who Should Buy The POWER 90?

The Power 90 is suitable for those people wanting to get back into or start a fitness lifestyle. It has stood the test of time and most people believe this program is the reason for their improved fitness, health and loss of pound and inches from around their waist and other areas of their body.

However, if you are already in good shape and are looking to take your fitness to the next level this is not the workout program for you, you probably looking for a more intense workout program like the P90X.

This bestselling DVD set is a tried and tested program for anyone else that will get results provided the work is put in. The exercises seem simple but they get results and you may not see all of the changes you want to see in your first run through, many people say they get more results when going through again as they are able to work harder and keep up as fitness levels improve.