Mar 04

Proform 290 SPX Review Talks About Getting a Quality Workout

Proform 290 SPX.jpgA person can gain an incredible workout with the Proform 290 SPX upright stationary exercise bike, especially since it can give someone an all-round cardiovascular workout experience. It provides bike lovers with an indoor experience, allowing them to get in their miles without even leaving their home. At the same time, a Proform 290 SPX review talks about how the model provides versatility and comfort to anyone using the bike.

Utilizes Chain-Drive Design

One of the most important features on the 290 SPX is its chain-drive design. The utilization of this feature allows someone to get a noise-reduced, smooth ride. It provides extra versatility and comfort, which benefits all users. This keeps riders on the stationary bike. They’re not quitting because there isn’t any jerkiness or an uncomfortable ride.

Other benefits from the stationary bike are:

•    Adjustable non-slip handlebars
•    Adjustable padded seat
•    Transport wheels
•    Reversible pedals with toe cage
•    250 pound weight capacity
•    Water bottle holder

“I want people to know that this is a good quality bike that won’t break your bank account. I’m very happy with it. We now have a great way to stay toned & fit during bad weather without having to drop a small fortune on a gym membership. I rate this bike a solid 5 stars. It’s worth every penny.”

- Shaune R. Smith, amazon.com

Comfortable Seating

A bike needs to be comfortable, especially if someone is going to use it for awhile. This is talked about in a Proform 290 SPX review, as people often quit when their bottom is struggling. When hurting, a person is less inclined to push past the hurt and just say their workout is done. This won’t happen with the 290 SPX because it utilizes a fully-adjustable padded seat that can be moved forward and backward to allow for all sizes. A person can be tall or short and still be comfortable, which encourages optimal personal performance.

Another feature that benefits a rider is the bike’s pedals. They use toe cages to support all sizes of feet. The Proform 290 SPX review talks about how the bike supports all users and can be flipped over for the person who wants a more challenging ride. It’s created for all riders, someone who is advanced or someone rehabilitating from an injury.

Handlebars Aid Performance

A Proform 290 SPX review talks about the handlebars on the stationary bike, which is outfitted with a special non-slip grip design that adds extra safety. It keeps a person’s hands in place even when he or she is sweating. It provides a more consistent performance and allows someone to push harder during sprints. Another benefit is the handlebars are adjustable, making it easier for anyone to use the bike for a workout.

“This bike is a great buy, and one does not have to spend +$800 for the high-end bikes to get a good workout.”

-    Steve Bowman, amazon.com

Purchasing the Bike

For someone wanting to get in a quality workout on a regular basis, they’ll appreciate the 290 SPX. It’s sold for under $300 and can be found in a variety of places. If purchased from a reputable site or store, the bike will come with a five-year frame warranty. This is an important feature and should be included with the bike’s purchase.

A Proform 290 SPX review talks about how cyclists appreciate this bike during their offseason, especially when it keeps them in shape when it’s hard to get outside. The bike is liked because anyone under 250 pounds can easily use the bike, whether it’s used to stay in shape or to encourage weight loss.

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