Oct 26

Review Of BodyMedia FIT LINK Armband Weight Management System

These days more and more of us in jobs that are classed is sedentary. This is one of the reasons we are thinking more about our health and the impact of this lack of activity, as we spend most of our time in front of a computer screen. To help identify our level of activity devices like the BodyMedia FIT LINK have been devised to track our level of activity during the day to see how little or how much we do. It is one of the more expensive devices, but is it worth the extra needed to pay for it? Read on to find out.


Device Type: Activity Tracker
RRP: $149.99
Release Year: 2010
Size: 2 x 0.5 x 2 inches
Weight: 1.6 ounces
Wireless Internet Data Upload? Yes & Bluetooth Enabled
Battery Life: 2-4 days
Subscription Needed: Yes

The Pros

Detailed Tracking: This tracking device tracks a lot more data than other similar devices to help improve the accuracy and detail of the information it provides. It tracks sweat and temperature as well as steps taken and calories burned.

This additional data helps you to better understand your own personal needs. The device communicates with the online software to work out the advice you need to help you with your weight loss goals. It can even determine if you should be eating more to help you stay on track with your weight loss plan.

It also monitors your sleep patterns. This is something only a few devices track. The accuracy is not as great as it is with the activity monitors but all helps in building up a better picture of your health and working out the advice to help you with your fitness goals.

Tracking Calories Intake: With the use of a smart phone app you can input popular meal from a number of national restaurant groups into your personal meal plan to help you stay on top of your diet. You can also manually input food that is not included in the apps database to really track your nutrition and calorie intake on daily basis.

You can also get real time information in the form of graphs and charts to see current and previous results to stay as up to date as possible. This all helps to keep you on track during the day and over a longer period of time.

Smart Phone Bluetooth Link: To help with the size of the FIT LINK and make it as unobtrusive as possible it does not have a screen, however, this is more than compensated for if you have a smart phone. The built-in Bluetooth link means you can link directly to your smart phone with a push of the button with the help of a smart phone app. You can information in real-time of the amount of activity you are doing so you can see how you are doing while you are exercising.

Comfort: When you have a product that is meant to be worn 24/7 you want it to be easy to carry with you and be comfortable too. This is especially so, when you want to sleep.

A belt is included with the device that means it can be worn in a number of different places. It has been noted by most users of the device that it is kept out of the way during the day and also at night so they are not annoyed by it and can get on with what they are doing.

Motivation: Being able to see your results as you go through the day can be very motivational as it can help to give you the boost to carry on through any of your normal limits and gain higher ground. You get a lot more awareness of your level of activity and this can help you to boost the amount of activity and exercise you normally do.

The Cons

Bugs: This device suffers from a number of different software bugs that haven’t yet been addressed. Some of the problems that have been reported are loss of data and other various issues that should not occur. They can be a very real issue and can make it very difficult to use in some circumstances.

Sync Via USB: To sync the device with your online account you need to attach it to a computer with a USB. This seems a bit unnecessary as you can easily connect to your smartphone by Bluetooth, and you would have thought the data could then be uploaded to your account via the smartphone’s connection. Or maybe even have it connect to your laptop using the laptop’s Bluetooth and upload and sync it that way. The need to use a USB to upload the data seems very antiquated especially when you consider the price of it.

Bluetooth Connection With Smartphone: Smartphones deactivate their Bluetooth to save battery after it has been on for a period of time. This will interrupt the link between the FIT LINK and your phone. This means you need to re-connect it to your phone which is a pain and can sometimes be an unreliable process as well.

Size: Even though it has no screen to help keep it smaller many people feel it is a bit big, so it is a bit obvious that you are wearing one as you go about your daily tasks at the office or elsewhere. However, most people do find it comfortable to wear despite it size.

Customer Service: Unfortunately many people who have had an issue with the FIT LINK say they have had problems with the back up service. It is often a source of frustration for them, which is poor considering the price of the unit.

Should You Buy The BodyMedia FIT LINK?

The BodyMedia FIT LINK offers some great innovations but just has too many problems with delivery of them. You would think at this price it would run a whole lot smoother and do more than lower priced models. However, currently you may find other products that can provide a better experience at a lower price point as well.