Aug 10

Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bike Review – What Can You Learn?

The Schwinn 140 is a very popular upright exercise bike. This is a very popular upright exercise bike. The Schwinn brand is well known and has a good reputation in home fitness equipment. This bike sits in the middle of their range of exercise bikes. But, the big question is does it offer good value for money for the customer?


RRP: $499
Year Of Release: 2011
Dimensions: 42 x 21 x 52 inches
Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs
LCD Computer Display? Yes
Machine Weight: 88 lbs
Manufacturers Warranty: Frame -10-year, Parts – 2 years, Electronics – 1 year, labor – 3 months

The Pros

Easy Assembly: When you receive your bike you want to be able to get on it and try it out. You don’t want to be frustrated with a difficult and lengthy process to put it all together. This is an all too common experience with exercise machine. Fortunately, with this bike it isn’t the case with this bike. Most customers find the instructions clear and easy to follow and that it can be assemble in about an hour, with only putting the handlebars on being a little tricky.

Number Of Resistance Levels: This bike comes with 16 settings. This seems to a number that is just about right, sitting nicely between 8 and infinite levels offered by other bikes. It means there isn’t too big a jump between the levels or never really knowing where you are up to when you have infinite settings for resistance – particularly if you want to adjust the settings while you are working out.

The 16 setting makes it easy to personalize your training program for your specific needs and push yourself to the level you want. It appears people find the transition from one level to the next smooth even while they are exercising.

Warranty: As noted above this has quite an extensive frame and parts warranty. So, it would appear Schwinn thinks a lot of the robustness of the product. But please also have a look at the cons discussed below.

LCD Display: The display with this bike is clear to read and gives you information on distance cycled, calories burnt, heart-rate and time taken. These readouts are great for target setting and monitoring your progress towards them. You can see your improvements each time you exercise, especially with fixed distance goal setting. The heart rate monitoring can be useful too, but as with most exercise machines with heart rate monitors you do need check the accuracy against a professional reading.

Noise Levels: This bike is amongst the quietest models at this price. To get anything quieter you will probably need to pay a lot more to get a gym-level bike. There are only two exercise bikes at the most that are as good or better for noise levels. You can watch the TV without much trouble at all while using this machine.

Sturdy: This bike is well-built and can accommodate at person up to 250 lbs of weight without any bother. The frame is made of quality materials and manufactured to a high level of quality. If you are a bit on the heavy side this bike might make this a reasonable choice, but please see cons first before making your mind up.

Workout Programs: The bike comes with 17 pre-set programs. This helps to keep the exercise more varied and thereby helps with keeping it more interesting. This should help you keep motivated by preventing boredom from setting in.

But you aren’t stuck with just these pre-set programs. You can set your own customized programs, so you can design a set of programs for your personal situation. You can get just what you want out of the workout in this way.

The Cons

Pedals: In some cases the bike has been sent to customers and the pedals are stuck in one place and won’t move without a specialized tool being sent by Schwinn. You have to phone their helpdesk to have the tool sent and then have them talk you through the repair once you’ve received it. This isn’t a fantastic way to treat your customers and is frustrating and annoying and Schwinn should find a better solution.

Faulty Bikes: Unfortunately stuck pedals are not the only issue, but it is the most common one. There have been quite a few reports where issues have happened within only a few weeks of the bike being used.

Manufacturers Warranty: As noted above the warranty on this bike covers a lot of things, but the labor warranty is very limited. So, if it isn’t covered you will have to repair the bike yourself following directions from over the phone or get someone to do it for you at your own expense, which can work out to be very costly.

 Should You Buy The Schwinn 140 Bike?

When you get one that is fully operational it is a very good upright bike. It includes some very good features at a reasonable price. But, and there is a big but, these good points are probably outweighed by the problems with its resilience, with issues being reported after it has been used for a few weeks. The no-labor warranty is also another concern. So, unfortunately it is very difficult to give this bike the thumb-up, however if you do want to chance it you may be one of users that gets a good one.