Aug 08

What Does A Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review Tell You?

The Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise Bike follows on from the popular 240 model from Schwinn. It looks and feels very similar to the Schwinn 240. It comes with 17 training programs and 16 resistance settings that give the choice of gentle exercise for muscle strength to high intensive workouts for the very serious athlete.

With this new model you get more than just the standard pedaling workout, you get MP3 port and speakers, fan to help you to not get too hot, a large and wide seat and a heart rate monitor.Many people were more than satisfied with the Schwinn 240, so is this new model just a rebranding exercise of the existing bike or is it something more and does it offer good value for the money?


RRP: $599
Dimensions: 67 by 25 by 26 inches
Maximum User Weight: 275 lbs
LCD Computer Display? Yes
Machine Weight 117 lbs
Manufacturers Warranty: Frame – 5 Years, Mechanical and electrical parts – 1 year, Parts – 3 month
Year Of Release: 2011

The Pros

Comfortable:  The Schwinn 250 has a wide seat with a snug back rest for lower back support and it is high enough to also provide good upper back support too. As many people who choose a recumbent bike over a traditional stationary bike do so because of back pain and other related issues and this bike does excel in this area. They have made some real improvement over the 240 to enhance the performance of the bike in this area.

In addition to improving the bikes comfort and support for those with back pain and other aches and pains the manufacturer has also included other comfort features. These include oversize pedals, a utility tray and a drink bottle all making for a better overall experience and letting you focus on getting the workout you want rather than annoyances like where do I put my drink and having to try and nestle it on you while you pedal away.

Functionality:  With this bike you get 17 in-built training programs and 16 resistance settings which allow for a wide variety in your training programs.

The perimeter weighted flywheel provides a solid and smooth ride. There is no stickiness or jumping with the different resistance levels. It has the standard fitness tests and distance workout courses you would expect, and in addition to these you get 8 profile programs. It therefore can provide you with any level of workout intensity you might be looking for.

Heart Rate System:  It claims to have 3 heart rate systems. But this is not strictly true. What you have is one program with 2 different settings.  Despite this, it is a very good monitor and is far more accurate than most other machines that come with heart rate monitors. This one works and gives a pretty good reading. This is really helpful for anyone who is on an exercise program where they have to stick to pretty strict guidelines and don’t want to do more than they should but is also great for anyone who want to monitor their heart rate to help them sty in the most effective zone for their training.

The Cons

MP3 Input and Speakers: The speakers are poor. They have poor sound quality and you can’t adjust the volume. The volume on your MP3 has to be at the highest setting to be able to hear the music at a listenable level. They probably shouldn’t have bothered.

This is probably not something people will base their buying decision on the quality of the speakers. But, if you do want to listen to music or anything else most people find the bike’s stability and comfort level sufficient to listen to their MP3 through headphones. The low level of noise generated as you exercise on the bike is such that you can easily hear a radio plying over it.

 Magnetic Resistance Issue: When first released the Schwinn 250 had a fault with the magnetic resistance brake. This has meant users could only set the bike to one resistance level and it wasn’t able to be changed no matter what adjustments were made. Fortunately, Schwinn know about this and only a few people were affected by this problem. It isn’t something you would expect from a company with Schwinn’s good reputation for quality and workmanship.  It appears from customer feedback this problem has now been rectified.

Should You Buy The Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise Bike?

The Schwinn 250 is more than the company just marketing a re-hash of the 240. It is better in a number of ways. The most noteworthy is comfort. It is definitely one of the leaders in this price range for comfort with a nice wide and snug seat and larger pedals for easy access and use. The Polar Heart Rate System improved reading accuracy gives users more control over monitoring the intensity of their workout to help them stay in the zone.

There have been just a few complaints over the bikes magnetic brake systems being faulty (which appears to have been sorted now) and the MP3 port and speakers not being worth the effort. With that being said, this recumbent bike covers both functionality and comfort better than many other bikes. The manufacturer Schwinn has a very good reputation and this bike contributes positively to that reputation.