Jul 10

Schwinn AD4 Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike Review Talk About It Being Built To Last

The Airdyne model has been with us for quite a while, and the manufacturer Schwinn have brought it up to date with their latest offering. When you are looking for an exercise bike to work out at home just about any exercise bike will do the job. The AD4 however, has some interesting features that differentiate it from its competitors. So, does this really make the AD4 a wise buy? Let’s examine the case for and against.


RRP: $750.00
Year Of Release: 2011
Dimensions: 50 x 22.5 x 48 inches
Machine Weight: 96lbs
Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs
LCD Computer Display? Yes Assembly Needed: Yes
Warranty: Frame: 30 years, Parts: 3 years, Electronics: 3 years, Labor: 1 year

The Pros

Built To Last: The Schwinn AD4 is is a durable bike. You can still buy second had models that are over 25 years old that work like they did when they were new. This is all down to how well it has been built with solid durable materials. It doesn’t mover around, even with the heaviest users, so the bike itself doesn’t get shaken around. From others experience on how well it is made it is a bike you can use for many years into the future.

Resistance: you don’t have to use manual resistance settings because of the innovative turbine resistance functionality. As your intensity increases so does resistance. You find the right level of resistance for you through the pace you ride. The resistance is manual and has an infinite number of “settings” to suit your own personal requirements. You can have as much resistance as you want as it is only limited by your own strength

Room Needed: When buying exercise for the home the amount of space needed is something many people take into consideration. The AD4 only requires a floor area of 42 by 4 feet. If you have a small apartment or have restricted space for your exercise equipment you should be able to get this to fit in without too much trouble.

No Power Supply Needed: A few exercise bikes for the home need a power supply. The latest gym standard models and also a number of home exercise models have the requirement for an electrical power supply. The AD4 doesn’t need this even with is modern innovative design.

LCD Display: If you like the latest gadgets or may be used to seeing an LCD display on gym equipment you will probably want an exercise bike that comes with one.. With the AD4 the display gives you data on distance, speed, calories burnt in total or per hour, time spent, heat rate, resistance and rpm. These are all great stats to have, particularly the miles you’ve clocked up .

Many calories read outs on home equipment are well known for not being the most accurate because the number of calories burnt depends on things like body fat percentage and weight and so on. With the AD4 you can enter specifics such as body weight and even distance above sea level to get a more accurate reading on calories burnt. The other measurements are reliable to help monitor your workout performance.

Leg And Arm Exercise: something you don’t see on many exercise bikes is the capability for arm exercise. With the Schwinn AD4 you can exercise your arms at the same time as you are cycling by using the bars at the front of the bike. This is great for exercising your upper body including your core with more intensity and burn more calories.

Isolated Upper-Body Exercise: The bike has static foot rests that allows you to focus just on upper-body exercise, so that you can give it a great cardio workout

The Cons  

Assembly: It isn’t straightforward to put it together. You don’t receive directions with the bike, you have to get them off the internet. But they aren’t that easy to follow. If you have some experience or like to do this sort of thing won’t find it that hard but other might find it a bit of a struggle. You can get someone to come out and do this for you but that is an added expense.

Cost: It does cost more than other similar bikes that are available. It can cost more than 4 times the price of the cheapest bikes, so it might be too much for your wallet to make it worthwhile.

Noisy: The resistance makes a lot of noise, so watching TV while you exercise is probably out unless you want to hook up some wireless headphones to your TV.

Resistance: The resistance functionality on the Airdyne is clever but you can’t set it manually. How fast you pedal determines the level of resistance. The faster you pedal gets the fan turbine going faster which provides the harder resistance. This means you can’t pedal fast and have low resistance. Conversely you can’t pedal slowly with a high level of resistance.

Uncomfortable Seat: The seat takes a bit of getting used to and is known for being uncomfortable. But you can replace it with a seat that is more comfy.

Should You Buy The Schwinn AD4 Airdyne?

Yes you should, but it’ll cost you a fair bit. It isn’t for you if you are looking for a budget bike, but it does have some unique features you won’t find on other models. The way the Airdyne generate resistance makes it stand out but not everyone will like it. It could be a good idea to give it a try before committing to getting one. If you like it, then it is worth getting as it is one of the best exercise bikes around and it will last you for a long time. A top exercise bike.