Feb 28

Sole e95 Elliptical Best Price Comes With Lots of Features

sole e95 elliptical trainerA person can quickly become overwhelmed while searching for a new elliptical machine. There are so many out there it’s hard to know where to start. A person starts browsing the internet and they’ll instantly be swamped. This is why some research is needed to find the right one to buy, before you just give up. Many people have been falling in love with the Sole e95 and why they’re considering the Sole e95 elliptical best price. It’s also important to learn about its features and seeing if they meet your needs.

Perfect for Workout Lovers

There are lots of reasons why people like the Sole e95, especially when it’s specifically created for workout lovers. It can handle different weights and heights. It has also been designed for different gaits. All of these factors are important when looking at elliptical machines, especially since everybody is different. The wide assortment of features on the elliptical is one reason why people like the Sole e95 elliptical best price.

“The E95 is very smooth and the integrated programs are great. I especially enjoy the wireless heart rate strap and the associated workouts.”

- Brian L. Blevins, amazon.com

Machine is Unique

The Sole e95 is filled with features not always found on similar elliptical machines. One of the items is the 30-pound flywheel, as well as the whisper-quiet drive system. For instance, the flywheel is really heavy. This isn’t normally on a residential machine. The advantage of having the extra weight is it provides someone with a more smooth and natural stride. This is normally noticed when the user stops or starts and the motion will gradually slow down or increase. Other features users like:

•    Adjustable power incline
•    Fan and speakers are in front
•    Room for MP3 player
•    Long stride ability
•    20 resistance levels
•    Handlebar controls
•    Handles weight

“This is absolutely the best bang for the buck as far as ellipticals go. Sole ellipticals are the best ellipticals under $2000 and they even compete very well with other ones!”

- S. Wu, amazon.com

Known for Durability

The pads on the Sole e95 are extra durable and made for comfort. The durability is also seen in the elliptical wheels, which is exactly what people want from one of these fitness machines. A lot of the front drive elliptical trainers only use single wheels on a rail, but this can create instability and some shifting. The difference with the Sole e95 is it uses two concave wheels. This means the machine stays smooth during use.

Offers Likable Warranties

One of the benefits of the Sole e95 elliptical best price is its warranties. Most of the time companies don’t offer these types of features, but Sole provides its users with two years covered labor and five years covered parts. This is unusual and considered one of the best warranties offered for a fitness machine, even ones selling for a lot more money.

Sole e95 Elliptical Best Price

When looking for the Sole e95 elliptical best price, it means searching online. This doesn’t mean a person can’t visit a fitness store in person, but most places don’t have everything in stock. If they do, then it becomes a great place to test out the machines. However, this doesn’t mean you find the best price. The fastest way to discover the best option is by searching online, because a person can discover the Sole e95 elliptical best price very quickly and normally in one place. For instance, right now the official site is offering it for $1,699.99. There are also options for delivery and assembly, which is something to take advantage of.

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