Feb 26

Sole e95 Elliptical Review Talks About Machine Being a Great Buy

sole e95 elliptical trainerA Sole e95 elliptical review called this fitness tool an absolute “best buy”. It was awarded the “best elliptical” even with it being in a higher price category. It only costs $1,699, which is considered a great buy for something that’s classified in the $2,000 price category. Plus, it’s a machine that provides a total body workout. There are a lot of pluses for having this elliptical in your house.

Quiet Drive System

Most people don’t like to workout on a noisy machine. There are some that make squeaks or they make a lot of noise while being used, but this isn’t the case with the Sole e95. The machine uses a drive system that’s quiet as a whisper. The motion is natural and fluid and can move in both directions, whether it’s in reverse or forward. A Sole e95 elliptical review says the machine is quiet because it uses a high gear ratio combined with a heavy 29 pound flywheel. This combination isn’t always found on some of the comparable models, as the e95 adds more resistance to its top.

“I bought the E95 about a month ago and so far it has been nothing but wonderful, very smooth and whisper quiet.”

- Snarf, amazon.com

Add More Resistance

The Sole e95 elliptical review talks about the power incline feature on the machine. They like how it adds diversity to the workout, as well as add extra resistance. It only takes a touch of a button and everything will become harder or easier. The ramp angle can be adjusted from 0 to 40 degrees, which allows the user to work and target specific major lower body muscle groups.

Reduces Stress on the Body

As the body ages, it becomes harder to complete some exercises or use certain pieces of equipment. A Sole e95 elliptical review says the machine uses large, custom-designed foot pedals to provide a user with a more comfortable workout. There is extra durable foam cushioning on the pedals, making it easier to use. It is designed to be easy on the body, as the pedals use a 2-degree inward slope to reduce knee and ankle stress. Plus, the foot pedals can be adjusted appropriately, which isn’t a feature normally added to an elliptical.

“There are a number of different workout levels, so one needs to try them to find the one best suited to their level of fitness. I chose an easy program to start. I LOVED it. I was on the elliptical for 45 minutes and time just flew by. My knees didn’t hurt at all.”

- Steven James, amazon.com

Adjust Your Gait

The Sole e95 elliptical review talks about how the engineers designed the machine with everyone in mind. They realize that not everyone is going to walk in the same manner, which means no one uses an elliptical in the same way. The company’s engineers took this into consideration and added a dial mechanism that allows a person to adjust their gait. The “worm drive” lets a person arrange the petal angle to fit the body. The angle can be moved 10 different ways and it goes from head to toe. This reduces some physical issues sometimes experienced with other elliptical machines, especially sore Achilles tendon or numb toe effects.

Purchasing the Sole e95

A person can purchase the Sole e95 in a lot of different places. It’s available in a variety of places online, as well as fitness stores. This is why you need to shop around and discover the one that offers the best price. The Sole e95 elliptical review says whatever you find will always be a great buy!

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