Feb 18

SOLE F85 Treadmill Review Talks About Machine’s High Level of Performance

sole f85 treadmillNot everybody has room for a treadmill in their home, which is why some people purchase a folding treadmill. This way they can use the fitness tool and put it away once they’re done. A SOLE F85 treadmill review says this fitness machine is considered one of the best folding treadmills out there on the market. Anyone searching for a new one is going to like its features.

Contains a Powerful Motor

One of the reasons why this model is held in such high regard is it uses specs from the F83. This means the F85 treadmill has one of the most powerful motor’s available from a SOLE treadmill. The horse power works at an impressive 3.50HP continuous duty, which is why a SOLE F85 treadmill review says it’s hard to find another treadmill with the same type of performance and output.

“Great display and controls. Programs and programmable options. Speakers and fans. Folding is a snap. Built like a tank and ease of assembly.”

- vernman, amazon.com

There’s Lots of Running Surface

Most people prefer to run outside, but there are situations that prohibit this. They then turn to a treadmill for their mileage workouts. It’s one of the reasons why a number of individuals prefer to run on a large running surface. This provides room and comfort while a person is running on a machine. The SOLE F85 treadmill review says it contains the largest possible deck manufactured by the company, with its exceptional 22” wide surface. This is just another feature people like about the F85 and why it’s considered one of the best SOLE folding treadmills.

“We have moved it a couple times to find the best place, and it has a simple and elegant mechanism for folding, rolling, and unfolding. Not that these machines usually get trundled all over the place, but this one is relatively easy to maneuver.”

- Scott Miller, amazon.com

Works for All Running Types

This machine has truly been made for all running types, even if you prefer to walk. It can handle people weighing up to 400 pounds and can easily go up to 12 mph. All it needs is a push of a button and it the stride will go faster. Other features on it are:

•    Six auto programs
•    Two user-customized workouts
•    Two separate heart rate control programs

A SOLE F85 treadmill review says this machine is fully equipped with all of the customization and programs a person would expect from a quality treadmill.

Good for the Heart

The F85 uses a heart-rate control option to keep a user informed. It will automatically calculate a person’s recommended target range according to his or her age. This helps someone trying to gauge accurate calories or a person struggling with health issues. It means a person gets the safest and most efficient workout possible. The display also provides a person with information like incline, speed, distance traveled, time, pulse, calories, and pace. A SOLE F85 treadmill review says this information keeps a person informed during their workout.

Where is it Available?

A person can find the SOLE F85 in a lot of different places. It typically sells for around $1,999 with shipping and handling. Amazon.com sells it for $1,874.99. Make sure the site is reputable and offers warranties. If it doesn’t provide these amenities, a person should look elsewhere.

The SOLE F85 treadmill review says it’s worth every penny, especially with its two-year service warranty, extra long running surface, and powerful motor. These treadmills are used by the Hilton Hotel chain and the commercial environment. If the F85 can handle these situations, it’s going to work well under residential use.

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