Oct 20

The Best Sports Console Games For Fitness

There are 2 types of sports video games available. The first type is where you use a games controller to control a sports person like a footballer or drive a car from the comfort of your couch. The second type is where you play a sport of some sort and use your body and a motion controller to score points.

The 2nd one has become more popular over the last few years due to the motion controller and appeals to people other than those who are fans of video games. These are likely to have more fitness benefits than the first type because you have to move around to complete the games.

Two of the most popular of these sport games for fitness are looked at to see how they stack up in terms of getting you up and active, and which gives the best overall workout.

Kinect Sports

The Xbox 360 with Kinect just like the Wii has its own premier video sports game. It is called Kinect Sports and has been created to use the motion sensing capability of the Kinect sensor. This is a full body sensor as it tracks all of your body’s movements.

There are a number of highlights to this game. First off, you get a number of different sports to play including soccer, bowling, track and field, volleyball and ping pong. And within each of these sports there are several variations thereby giving you plenty of variety to keep up the interest.

An outstanding feature of this video game is the full-body sensor capability, so you don’t use a game controller but is played with your body motion. This makes it great fun to play and you will be moving around while you play. You do need to get off the couch and up on your feet if you want to play it, thus providing you with an opportunity to get some exercise and enjoy yourself at the same time.

The graphic on this game are pretty good and are at better standard than you will find in Wii sports games. This can help to get you more engaged in the game and therefore help you to be more motivated to play and increase your score. It isn’t guaranteed that you will get a lot fitter but it can certainly help you go in the right direction.

If you want to use this game as a way of getting more active and to help your overall fitness, this game can help get you started in this regard. All the games, except for bowling require you to move all of your body to play them properly.

Another great feature of the game is the automatic video and photo functionality that records as you play the game. This can be fun and embarrassing at the same time, however, no images or videos are saved with out you saying so first, and it isn’t straightforward to delete them if you don’t want to keep them.

If you want to start a multiplayer game you don’t have to start a new game and set the player up. All that needs to happen is for the second person to step into the game zone and game picks this up automatically and you are already for a 2 player game.
There are couple of niggles with the game. It is still a very popular game but it is getting a little old in game terms and it could be time for a new release. It is 2 year since its first release. Also there are occasions when the tracking doesn’t work as well as it should. This doesn’t happen very often so it isn’t too big a concern.

Other than that, it is a fun game to play and will get you more physically active all without leaving your living room.

Wii Sports Resort

The Wii is the console that started the motion-sensor sports video games. You can still get Wii sports when you buy the console. The game is considered the classis motion sensor sports game. But it is quite old now and should have been update a while ago.

Fortunately, Nintendo has now made this happen with the release of the Wii Sports Resort. The game includes 12 sports, up from the 5 the original game had. The sports include air sports, canoeing, cycling, Frisbee, power cruising, ping pong, golf, bowling, basketball, archery, swordplay and wakeboarding.

Wii sports games have always been enjoyable and go get you up on your feet. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you get that much exercise. Games like golf and bowling require you to just move your arms, so not a lot of physical activity is required. However, some of the games do you require you to put a bit more effort in and you can develop a sweat as you play the game. It is great idea for those looking to get more physically active, but Is not really for anyone wanting to have a full on workout.

The games are a lot of fun especially when in multiplayer mode. This makes much more likely you will get some exercise while you are playing it as you’ll be enjoying yourself at the same time.

For good all round family fun it is difficult to beat this game and its predecessor the Wii sports. One issue with the game is that you need the Motion Plus Wii game controller to play it. The standard Wii remote does not work, so you will need to buy a Motion Plus game controller to use it.

In summary, this a good fun game for all the family with plenty to keep everyone interested and active. But, if you really want to breakout in a sweat you’ll need to look for an alternative – even the boxing game from the original game will work you harder.


Both games will help you be more active, but you are unlikely to a full workout from either. But they do get you up on your feet and moving around which has got to be better than just moving your thumbs on a game controller.

So, overall, you are going to get more of a workout with Kinect Sports than you get with Wii Sports Resort because the games require more physical activity as the game requires you to use all of your body. Having said that, Wii Sport resort does have a number of things going for it and if you own a Wii and not a Xbox Kinect it is worth getting if you are looking for a little more physical activity in your life.