Jun 09

TrekDesk Treadmill Desk Reviews Talk About It Being A Great Way To Work

The TrekDesk Treadmill does what it says on the “can” – its a desk you attach to your treadmill. You can work and exercise at same time at home or in the office with it attached. You get to do things at the same time which is great if you can’t seem to make the time for exercising.  You no longer have to find the time for exercising, you can do that while you work – walking and being at your desk at the same time.

The TrekDesk Treadmill desk is 72 by 34 inches so it does give enough room to act as a desk. But, the question is does it really work or is it just a good idea that should have been left on the drawing board?  

The Pros  

Assembly: This is quite a simple desk to assemble without too many D.I.Y. skills required. A power drill can help speed the assembly up as there are a number of screws that require tightening. One small annoyance is that the screws are all in one bag and you have to manually separate them, but it doesn’t take that long.

The assembly instructions are easy to follow, but it would have been helpful to include some diagrams, but most people haven’t really struggled without them. Provided you have a power drill the TrekDesk can be put together in less than one hour by one person. If you do stuck on any points with the assembly, TrekDesk have videos on their website that can provide assistance, but there is a very good chance you won’t need to watch them.

Size: You are provided with a large desk area with side and front coverage, in a bit of “wrap around” effect. It is 72 inches wide and 34 inches deep at the sides and 18 inches at the front. You have the space to include a laptop, phone, notes, a keyboard, a mouse, a pair desktop monitors plus room for more items if you want.

You are probably not going to fill the desk with every bit of office gear you can think of, but it does give plenty of room to set it up how you want it to exercise and work effectively. It means that it can be set up so access to the treadmill controls aren’t hampered in any way by the desk.

Fitness Benefits: These are the benefits people are after when using this type of set up of desk and treadmill. People that have used it talk about the great benefits they get by keeping up a slow pace of just 1 mph. This pace is recommended for safety reasons and to be able to use the TrekDesk fully. This gentle walking pace can normally be kept up for 2 hours without any strain on the walker, and many people find it more enjoyable than sat in a chair for the whole day, without any real movement.

When you have got yourself a good pair of walking shoes, you’ll find that you get the benefits of walking as expected, but also your back and posture will also benefit from using it. Humans are not designed for sitting in a chair for long periods of time crouched over a computer, no matter how well the office chair has been designed to assist this. You get two benefits from this type of activity – the health benefits of walking and some relief from sitting in one place for long periods of time.

The Cons  

Stability: It needs to properly positioned before it is used. It only has to be slightly out of alignment and you will stability issues with it moving slightly from side to side. It might not seem that much of a problem at first glance as the TrekDesk needs to stand up to strenuous use than an ordinary run of the mill desk.

Here are a couple of ways to get it sorted. A gravity bar inserted between the legs of the TrekDesk provides more stability across the center of it. Or, another way is to place the TrekDesk up against a wall to give it a solid base. Some people don’t notice any issues, but if you do they should be addressed quickly to stop them getting worse over time.

Treadmill Suitability: It is not suitable for all treadmills, the manufacturer says it works well with most treadmills. So, before buying it, you need to determine whether it will work your type of treadmill. You don’t want to be in the situation where you can’t get to the treadmill controls when it is attached. By measuring your treadmill and checking the measurements of the TrekDesk you will be able to determine if they will work with each other.

Should You Buy The TrekDesk Treadmill?

Buying the TrekDesk separately to a treadmill you will get a big sized desk at a cheaper price than the alternative of a treadmill and desk combined you can also see on the market. This is a large desk and will not fit all types of treadmill, so be sure of your measurements before buying it. If it does fit your treadmill and you want to have the chance of getting more walking in for and the health benefits that may accrue from this level of activity than you will find this one of the best treadmill desks available.