Aug 24

Turbo Fire Complete Deluxe Workout Reviews Say It Isn’t For Everyone

TurboFire Complete Deluxe Workout is the latest home workout program by Chalene Johnson. It looks like this is going to be more popular than her Chalean Workout set. Chalene Johnson has got a reputation for being one of the most complete and impressive personal fitness trainers in the US today. And it is a well earned reputation. She is regarded as one of the trainers in women’s fitness and with this new program she has turned up the intensity level again.

It is a home fitness program that has 17 different workouts which makes the promises that you can lose weight and sculpt and tone your body following a 90 day program. It claims by using a series of cardio focused workouts and diet you will be able to burn off those hard to shift calories from your body, through intense cardio workouts to a beat that is high tempo.

Having someone like Chalene presenting and running the workout certainly make this DVD set appear like it means business. But, like any program is just a rehash of previous workout DVDs or does it offer something different or better?


RRP: $139.99
Number of DVDs: 14
Body Areas: Total body workout
Instructor: Chalene Johnson
Workout Length: 90 Days

The Pros

Introduction To Workout:  When you first get a home workout DVD it can be difficult to know how to do the exercises or even what to do when because they move so fast. To help with this issue this DVD program includes the “New To Class” explanations.

You get a thorough explanation and demonstration of the exercises, steps and moves so you can perform them as intended. In this way you can be fully up to speed with everything before you start so you don’t need to stop the workout and rewind the DVD to see what you missed and try to understand how to do the exercise.

It makes it possible for beginners to build up their confidence in their own time as well as catering for those wanting to improve their muscle toning. But, beginners who don’t have much or any experience in fitness workouts should exercise caution when approaching this program because it is a very intense cardio program.

Intense Cardio: This is not a workout for those who don’t want an intense workout. Chalene really means business with this home fitness workout. It is focused on cardio exercise and includes plyometrics, dancing, boxing and kickboxing. These are high impact exercises and are hard on the joints. However, they do burn through thr calories.

From our research and other customers reviews the TurboFire lives up to its claims of being an intense cardio workout. You’ll be drenched in sweat at the end of these cardio workout session  just like you would want to be after completing and intense cardio program.

Range Of Workouts: Over 14 DVDs you get 17 different workouts. There is enough variety to keep you interested. You get workouts from dance moves to boxing and kickboxing that really workout your core muscles. As talked about above you get the option to know how to do the new moves before you start the workouts with the new to class sessions. And with 17 workouts their is quite a lot of moves you need to learn. Apart from the plyometric exercise which is mostly jumping exercises and don’t really require any explanation.

The sessions go from one exercise to the next as you would expect to keep the intensity up. There is a lot to take in because of the large range of exercises. As you become better at the exercises the bigger the benefit you get from the workouts.

The Cons

High Impact: A lot of these exercises put quite a bit of pressure and stress on the joints. It includes loads of twisting, turning and jumping and this can place a heavy stress on the knees, ankles and the back. This is not a workout to consider as an alternative to those workouts that are focused on strength building while they recover from some form of injury. You need to be in reasonably good shape before you start this program to really get the full benefits from it.

Volume Of Moves: some people find that there are too many different moves to be able to learn them properly. Chalene’s style of teaching can take some getting used to and frustrates some people when they are new to exercises.

If you know Chalene’s style this is not like to be an issue. She does have many fans. Most people find with repetition and time they get many benefits from the workouts. You can’t pick them up straightaway without prior experience or practice. However, the amount and style of learning is not to everyone’s taste.

Who Should Buy The  TurboFire Complete Deluxe?

People who have used Chalene Johnsons previous DVD workout love this this program too.  She has a big fan base and this DVD set won’t disappoint. It should also bring in some more fans. But, before carrying on, it is not suitable for everyone. If you are currently suffering from any sort of joint pain or injury it is best to keep away from this owrkout. Also, if you don’t want to spend time learning and practicing the moves and exercises this is a program to stay clear of.

Chalene Johnson’s TurboFire Complete Deluxe Workout DVD Program is very likely to be a workout program you’ll want if you are looking for a cardio workout program with lots of variety and content and that has a high intensity. And don’t mind learning lots of new moves and exercises. This program has produced results in 90 days for many people who have committed to it and followed through.