Sep 30

Wii Fit Plus With Balance Board Review – Will It Help Your Fitness?

The Wii console is the biggest selling console of its generation. It has become more than something for the casual gamer. The fitness games Wii Fit and Wii Fit plus has sold more than 40 million copies combined. And they are one of the main factors behind its success. These two games both use the Wii Balance board to provide various exercise routines that include yoga, aerobic, balance and strength. They have been designed to help in losing weight and improve overall fitness levels.

As the name implies the Wii Fit Plus is the sequel and has a number of new games challenges and exercises. The balance board that comes with the game measures your centre of gravity and weight, and with this and other information it lets you now your BMI and estimates your fitness age as you complete various exercises. By taking you through various exercises and moves it helps you to try and improve your health and fitness. This is a very popular fitness game that is easy to use but can it really help you with your fitness?

The Pros

Enjoyment: Most people find the tasks and challenges presented in the game a lot of fun. In addition to providing the opportunity for physical exercise you can loads of different games and keep a track of your top scores. You can take turns with others who have their own game characters to get the best scores – playing games like hula hoop or downhill skiing – to try and be the quickest or do the most activities in a certain time period.  The Balance board helps to add a different dimension to the game and although the exercises are gentle you are working different muscles.

When you want to do some proper exercises most people find the instructions are easy to follow and animations are motivating and enjoyable.

Varied: You get a very wide range of exercises and routines with this game. Much more than you get with most other health games and fitness DVD which can become very repetitive after a period of time. You are given the ability to plan your own workout program where you can decide on what exercises you want to do. It means you can rest certain parts of your body if you want to and add a fun game into your routine if you want.

As with anything not all the exercises will be to your liking or suitable but with choice available you are very likely to find something that fits into your individual training requirements and fitness goals. And when you are not really in the mood to exercise you can still get some physical activity by playing some of the fun games and give certain of your muscles a bit of exercise.

Tracking Your Progress: This has some of the best progress measuring data of any game and it is much better than what you get with PS3 and Kinect fitness games. The Balance Board is also a set of scales and it is possible to measure you weight weekly or even daily if you want. The game records this information each time you take a measurement and uses it to track your progress or lack of it. There is no hiding from the game, it takes away the temptation to try and fool yourself on the amount of progress as it is there on the screen for you to see.

The Cons

Intensity Level: This game is not for those wanting high intensity exercises and workouts. It is good for those who are not in best shape of their lives, shall we say, and they are likely to find some of the exercises challenging. The majority of the exercises are gentle to moderate in intensity. It makes an ideal place to get started to build up you level of fitness when you haven’t done much exercise or none at all for a while. The gentle and fun nature of the game is what makes a good place to get started. But for someone who is very fit and a serious exerciser this is not going to sufficiently challenging to be of interest from a fitness perspective.

Cartoon Shadow Demonstrations Only: There are no real person video demonstrations of the exercises. Instead a realistic shadow cartoon shows you how to do them. Which is ok for some of the more basic exercises, but some of the strength tests and stretches are quite difficult. Following a demonstration by a real person would help immensely in making sure you are doing them right.

Should You Buy The  Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board?

For serious athletes the Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board is probably not the right game to buy. It is not intense enough for these types of athletes. Nor is likely to satisfy the serious gamer.

However, it is not really designed with these groups of people in mind. It is for those looking for an introduction into fitness games, and it has yet to be bettered.

It is a fun and complete way of getting into home fitness. You may find some of the exercise too simple and other way too difficult. But it isn’t something to be worried about. It caters for all levels of fitness, and you should be able to find the exercises that are the best for you. Watching your friends try out some of the games like the super hula-hoop will provide many laughs and also makes it worth buying the game just for this. But, even without this, it is by far the best fitness game for the home currently available.