Oct 31

What Can You Learn From A Withings Wifi Bodyscale Review?

The Withings Wi-Fi Bodyscale is a high end set of scales that has continual monitoring features and Wi-Fi updates to help you keep a closer track of your progress towards your fitness and health goals. It is one of many different products now on the market that have the aim of making it easier than ever before to get fit and stay in shape. But it does come at a price. So, are these scales worth the price. Let’s find out.


Device Type: Wifi Body Scale
Measures: Weight, BMI, Fat Mass, Lean Mass
Apps: iPhone, iPad and Android
RRP: $159.00
Release Year: 2009
Size: 12.6 x 12.6 x 0.9 inches
Weight: 107.2 ounces
Wireless Internet Data Upload? Yes
Power Source: Batteries
Battery Life: 6-12 months
Multi-User – Up to 8 people

The Pros

Weight, Fat/Lean Mass, BMI Measured: In addition to having your weight measured in pounds, kilos or stones they measure your body fat and BMI. This is an important feature of top of the range scales that they help you track more than just your weight.

Being able to measure these factors can play an important part in your fitness regime, normally these aren’t measured on a regular basis and how much you weigh is the single measurement that is tracked. Body fat % and BMI are considered a better way to ascertain health as they take into account the amount of your body mass that is fat – which is an important factor in determining your overall fitness.

Update Over Wi-Fi: An important feature of the scales is that they update your records over Wi-Fi without your involvement. No longer do you have to manually record your latest measurements into a journal or on to a spread sheet. This is all done for you.

The scales have a built-in WiFi adapter that sends the update information over the internet to your personal account. There is a permanent record kept of the measurements and you are able to log in to your account and see all your up to date information.

Track Results Online: You can see you information any time you want by logging on to your account. The data can be presented in different ways to make it quick to see where you are up to with different charts, graphs and tables. You can see how the hard work is paying off or the results of not putting the work in!

Many people find the visual reports much more motivational and gives them a better understanding of their progress than just numbers in a spread sheet. Seeing the line on a graph traveling in a downwards representing your weight loss helps to connect the effort put in each day is paying off as they see that trend on the graph.

It helps to be able to see your goal being achieved in a visual way and helps with the motivation to keep going. It can help to spur you on to achieve your target.

Free App For Smart Phone: This is a nice tool that comes as part of the scales. You can use the smart hone app to log into you account to see your stats and enter the latest information wherever and whenever you want to. You can put in what you have eaten and it will keep a track of your calorie intake for more reliable data on you are getting on.

Style: This a great looking set of scales. They do look really good which is a surprising thing to say about scales, they will make a great addition to the decor of your bathroom. You may want to go into your bathroom just to admire them!

The Cons

BMI Measurements Not Accurate: This is a fault with just about all devices you use at home to measure NMI, and unfortunately these scales are no different. More of an issues is that it can be inconsistent in its measurement.

If accuracy is something you are after a different device is probably the best option for you. But, it is important to note that no home devices are 100% accurate in measuring BMI. You can only get a totally accurate trading by getting it done by a professional.

Batteries: These scales are powered by batteries (they are included). Because it uses Wi-Fi this can mean that the batteries can run-out fairly quick. The FitBit Aria (a similar product) is much the same in this respect. For either of these you are better off buying rechargeable batteries to avoid spending a fortune on batteries.

Connecting To The Network: Again, in a similar way to the FitBit Aria scales these scales do not always connect properly to the internet. The idea is that they should seamlessly connect to the Wi-Fi network and update you records on the internet automatically after you have weighed yourself. Many people have reported that the scales don’t connect properly to the Wi-Fi network and so don’t update their records and progress is not tracked. This is quite a serious flaw as one of the main reasons for buying these scales is that it tracks your progress for you.

Customer Service: As is also the case with Fitbit, Withings customer service is commonly reported as sub-par. Long wait times or even a total lack of response is not uncommon, and this really isn’t acceptable for a product that costs as much as this.

Poor Customer Service: In common with FitBit customer service is not great. Many people report long waiting times to have responses to their questions and issues. When you pay as much as you do for this product you ought to be getting very good responses from the company.

Should You Buy The Withings Wifi Bodyscale?

Overall, these scales are a good way to track your weight over time, and make for an excellent motivational aid. However, they can be somewhat unreliable, and for this price that’s not acceptable. Saying that, there aren’t many alternatives, so if you’re really set on getting a pair of scales that will automatically update, you may be happy to take the risk of problems and give this a try.

The Withings Wi-Fi Bodyscale is good way to keep yourself motivated and keep a track of your progress. Unfortunately, some customers have found they are not always reliable and for the price you would expect them to be. But, there aren’t really that many other choices for getting your progress tracked automatically in this way, and if you do really want this feature and are willing to take on the risk of issues then you ought to give them a try.