Aug 17

Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Reviews Ask Is It The Ultimate Experience

You probably already heard of Zumba. You probably have seen the infomercials on TV. Even so, there are a number of people who don’t fully understand what it is about.  It is a dance fitness program using Latin dance themes to blend dance routines into a fitness program that work to beat of the dance music. It says it is modern and up to date and according to the maker you can use the moves you learn at parties and at clubs.

You get 2 Zumba toning sticks and 7 DVDs that show you how to do all the moves, shakes and styles. The idea with Zumba workouts is to have a lot of fun and get a fully body workout at the same time.  But the big question is do you really get a full body workout or is it just a fun DVD set some great dance moves?


RRP: $129.99
Number of DVDs: 7
Body Areas: Total body workout
Instructor: Alberto Perez
Extras: Zumba Toning sticks

The Pros

An Enjoyable Introduction: Thousands of people from all over the country have signed up to Zumba classes. It is one of the latest fitness crazes to catch the imagination of people looking to be more active, get fit and enjoy themselves at the same time. It can sometime be a little daunting joining one of these classes if you are unfamiliar with dance moves. This set can help with that as you can learn the basics at home in your own time without the pressure of being watched.

You can build up you confidence and skills at your own pace and when you are ready, if you want you can join a session without feeling embarrassed because everyone else is seems like they are an expert. In fact you might be able to show the other members of the group a thing or two!

It is all about moving along to the beat of the music and most people find that they can quickly pick them up and they can do them without thinking. You also save the expense of going to a costly  Zumba class by following along with this DVD set at home. You get quite a lot of variety with the set so it doesn’t get boring.

Cardio Workout: A concern that many people have with this type of program is whether it is going to really help them with fitness. If you are one of those people, it is worth noting that a Zumba session with this DVD set comprises of 45 – 60 minutes of cardio workout, which I think most people believe will be good for their fitness.

The 7 different DVD with this exercise program have different types and styles and they all are extended cardio workouts that have different levels of difficulty and energy to complete. What people have found is that the better they get the more they get from the sessions.

If you have any doubts about whether they’ll get a workout with Zumba should try out one session and see how they feel afterwards. There are a lot of different dance moves in each session that works your entire body.

Production Quality: This might not seem to be the most important thing but it is a high quality production especially for a set of fitness DVDs. The dancers are all enjoying themselves and really getting into the exercise and dance routines. The music production is great too and is modern with and emphasis on hip
hop and Latin dance with rhythms that can be applied to todays popular dance music.
It is more like an extended music video than a fitness video. This all helps to get you into the routine quicker and easier so you don’t really feel like you are exercising because you are enjoying it so much. It makes this so much easier to switch it on and get into it after coming home after a hard day at the office. You put on the DVD and you are soon into the fun and energy of Zumba.

The Cons

Social Aspect: This not strictly a criticism of the DVD set, it is an observation of the Zumba craze. Zumba is a fun pastime where you can make new friends or spend time with your current friends. There are lots of social benefits in joining a class and exercising in a group. Part of the attraction is the spirit of the group and attitude that goes along with it. However, not everyone wants to do this especially if they have no experience in this fitness program.

A great idea can be to supplement your home fitness program by going to a Zumba class one a week or so. It can be great fun and keep you motivated to keep on doing it at home.

Who Should Buy The  Zumba Fitness Exhilarate: The Ultimate Experience DVD Set?

It isn’t for everyone. If you are a serious athlete looking for a program that challenges them, they might find Zumba fun but lightweight for what they want to achieve. It is not a really a good substitute for hard workout programs like you get with the Insanity workout or the P90X.

But if you are not looking for these types of extreme workouts then Zumba might be the ticket. It can make exercising fun and enjoyable, thereby making getting fit something to look forward to rather than something to dread.

Many people find the Zumba Fitness Exhilarate DVD Set a great way to get started. It also has different levels of Zumba so you can progress from other Zumba sets. If you want to have an and intense workout then the other options mention above are more suitable. But if you like the idea of having fun while you get fit than this Zumba DVD may just be what you are looking for.