Sep 17

The 3 Best Zumba Fitness Games Reviewed And Compared

You probably already know about Zumba the Latin dance-fitness craze that has become such a popular workout. Men and women both enjoy this dance-fitness approach because it is a fun and exciting way to workout all of the body.

Because of this popularity video game makers have created a number of Zumba games for the main game consoles, so you can have you own Zumba class in your own home. But which one should you get. Here are three quick reviews of the top Zumba video games that will help you to choose the best one for you.

Zumba Fitness

This was the first video game released for Zumba and it continyes to be very popular today even though there have been later versions released It has a few modes. They include class mode and a learn the steps/moves mode. These are the main part of the game. Also, you can keep track of how you are doing by using the stat tracking functionality.

It certainly does get you and moving around in the same way that a Zumba class at the gym does. This is one the best things about it. If you don’t do the moves correctly you’ll end up getting bad scores. This can be very motivating, and helps you to get the most out of the exercise.

It will feel like you are doing it for real with some great Latin dance tracks to move along to. But there are a few negatives with the game. The graphic are very basic and can be distracting if you like good graphics. They are very behind today’s game standards.

Also, beginners can find it is very tough to get into the game. This is because the learning mode doesn’t really provide good tutorials on all the dance moves. It can be frustrating if you are a novice as it takes longer than it should to learn the dance moves.

Overall, it is a good dance-fitness game and is best for those with a bit of Zumba experience. If you are new to it, or fairly inexperienced there are other alternatives that are more suitable.

Zumba Fitness 2

The follow up to Zumba Fitness has been with us for awhile and like the earlier one it is a very popular offering. The creators of this version have addressed some of the concerns with the original to try an offer and improved fun Zumba experience.

The original game was generally a good way to get into Zumba, however, the next one in the series kicks on from there and you’ll shedding the calories and soaking sweat with the dance moves. A 3D dance instructor shows you all the moves on screen as you go, this makes it easier to pick up the moves in this game than the previous one.

You get 4 standard modes – Learn The Moves, Zumba Class, Single song and Zumba Party. Single Song – You can dance to your hearts content to a single track
Zumba Class – just like a class at the gym you have a track list to give you a full Zumba fitness workout
Learn The Moves – as it says, it gives you the opportunity to learn the moves
Zumba Party – this is a play mode where you can compete with a friend

There are more songs on offer for more variety than previously with a total of 32 and includes a few well-known tracks. Although it might have been good to include a few more popular tracks, the tunes that have been included give it a full Latin feel which is one of the reasons the workout is such a favorite. It all helps to motivate you to get on the floor and get moving.

Some users might find the flashing and bright lights used in the game off putting and is going to make it unsuitable for epilepsy sufferers. As with original title there is no timer, so it is difficult to know how much time you have left to go.

On balance this game is a big step up on the original and provides a better experience for those new to Zumba and adds a whole lot more to the great start made by the original game. It will make a great gift for someone who wants to get fit.

Zumba Rush

This is from the same people who made Zumba Fitness 1 and 2. As you would expect the idea is to improve and expand on the previous titles for an all round better experience.

And they have included some new helpful features. First off the game can now help you to improve your steps and moves. It can, because of the motion sensing capability of Xbox Kinect it can determine how well you are moving your body. Due to this it lets you know which parts of your body didn’t move correctly by showing them in red and this helps you to improve your style.

Additionally you can now make your own Zumba playlist. With a lot more songs to choose from you can put together 12 tunes to make your own personal workout track list. This really helps with motivation because it is always more working out to your favorite songs.

The workout games in this game are more engaging than the previous titles. The backgrounds are more interesting, the scoring system is more accurate and more motivational because of this as you attempt to get “ZUMBA” This will have you shedding the pounds, getting toned and improving your cardiovascular health in a short space of time.

There are a few cons to this game that are shared with the previous games – you don’t get a timer to let you know how long you have got to go, and the flashing bright lights aren’t everyone’s taste and are not suitable for epilepsy sufferers.

Having said that, you do get a Zumba video game that quite accurately picks up your moves and is a fun and enjoyable way for you to participate in this very popular craze.

In Summary

Our view is that all of these games are worth picking up, particularly if you are a fan of Zumba. If you are new to Zumba then Zumba Fitness 2 or Zumba Rush are the best options as they give better training on the dance moves, so you can get up to speed quicker. However, importantly you can get a great workout from any of these games and they are all fun.